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Which ATWT Era is your favorite?


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  • Which ATWT Era is your favorite?

    Which ATWT Era is your favorite?
    the 50's
    the 60's
    the 70's
    the 80"s
    the 90's
    the 2000's

  • #2
    Since you cant vote across decades - 80s into early 90s. Doug Marland era.


    • Brighton
      Brighton commented
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      Totally agree. The Doug Marland era should be an option all its own. Probably the only time in all my years of watching various soaps, that I found an entire show to be interesting.

  • #3
    I don't quite remember the years that I watched on a regular basis, I think it was the 80's and 90's, so I'll just go with that.


    • #4
      Definitely the 80s.....when Tom and Margo married....when the Snyders were introduced and Lily met Holden.....when James came back from the dead for the first time (and that should have been the only time - everything after that was ridiculous....) when they made John Margo's father...and the letter from Rosemary Kramer to John Dixon telling him he had another son was found and Duke showed up....there were so many great stories in the 80s, and the 'back from the dead' and 'long-lost child' staples hadn't been overdone and overdone....Friday cliffhangers were still a 'thing'....there was no internet to spoil everything so you were generally surprised.....


      • #5
        I voted for the 90s because that's when I started watching.

        If we were going by ratings, ATWT dominated at the top of the charts in the late 50s, eventually earning the #1 spot into the 60s and thru the 70s. And there were around 13-15 soaps at the time! How amazing is that?!??


        • WalnutGirl
          WalnutGirl commented
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          I miss the days of multiple soaps, but at least we still have 4 on daytime. The upcoming primetime All My Children sounds interesting.

        • Humira
          Humira commented
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          I'm looking forward to it. My expectation is that it won't be remotely the same as AMC, so I don't think I'll be disappointed.

      • #6
        I was born in the late 60's, therefore I will say the 80's - early 00's.


        • #7
          The 80s That's when James Stenbeck, Lucinda & Lily Walsh, Craig Montgomery and the Snyder clan were introduced. They went on to have good story-lines for a long time after, but my favorites were always those early ones.


          • #8
            88-94 for me - I've been going back and watching those Royce Keller episodes on YT - that guy that played his butler was great - I really miss the show but I do remember it got really hard to watch near the end-


            • #9
              80s and 90s were my favorite. What a golden ERA!


              • #10
                It's the mid-’70s to early-’80s for me. I grew up on those characters and their stories.


                • #11
                  For me basically 80/90's. I started watching in 1984 and stopped around 1999.


                  • #12
                    The 1980's because who couldn't 4get Barbara in her beautiful white wedding dress all ready 2 marry Tom Hughes & she turns around when she hears......

                    Hello, Barbara!

                    There he is one of the most iconoclastic villains ever 2 grace a soap!

                    The introduction of James Stenbeck & his intertwining with Barbara, Emily Stewart, and his son Paul!

                    What a s/l arc that lasted 4 soooo many years!

                    Then the plethora of other characters that were introduced including Lucinda Walsh her adopted daughter Lily.

                    John's ward Dusty Donovan who dated Lily until she fell 4 the hunky stablehand Holden Snyder.

                    The rich history of the whole Snyder family that just kept on spinnin s/l after s/l because there were so many of them.


                    Craig was such a good villain 2 in the Besty/Steve s/l.

                    I could go on but I'll stop now.


                    • #13
                      I enjoyed a lot of the same things mentioned. Plus…..

                      I loved Craig and Paul when played by Scott Bryce and Roger Howarth. Margo trying to keep these two from killing each other!

                      James Stenbeck and Barbara.

                      Anything Lucinda

                      The antics of Henry and Katie to her love for Simon.

                      The triangle - Holden / Lily / Damien.

                      Paul and Emily with Rosanna sprinkled in. I never liked Meg.


                      • #14
                        Here is who I think of when I think of ATWT. Nancy/Bob/Kim/Lisa/Eduardo/Damien/Susan/Holden/Lily/Jack/Hal/Jessica/Duncan/Craig/Barbra/John/Emily/Dusty/Andy/Paul/Lien/Tom/Margo/Shannon/Kirk/Betsy/Holden/Jack/Carly/Caleb
                        Emma/Lucinda/Duke thats it pretty much with James Stenbeck thrown in. Lyla as well.


                        • #15
                          Graduated high school not til mid 1990's, so i am going to say yea from then on, into all of 2000's, my mother is a Day 1 fan and still talk about how she miss it so much, LOVE ATWT! i truly miss it so much.

                          -Anything/EVERYTHING wit' the dashing Jack tall dark and handsome (realistic) Detective Snyder. (and Carly Tenney-Snyder.)
                          -Everything Lillie and Holden... I was literally IN love, and would rush home to see his hot self, and good lookin self. love holden, and ONLY with Lillie Walsh.
                          -Everything Lucinda, loved her. and also i loved Emma, on the farm. She was such a realistic mother, loved her alot on the show. Barbara too big fan.

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