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ATWT - Reboot --- Would you watch?


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  • ATWT - Reboot --- Would you watch?

    If Netflix or another network were to make an ATWT reboot - Would you watch?

    Obviously the cast wouldn't be the same, but would you watch if it focused now on the lives of the "new" generations of core families.
    Example: Hope Hughes (Andy and Denise's Child) Faith, Natalie and Ethan Snyder, etc.
    YES, I would watch anything about Oakdale
    NO, wouldnt be the same.
    50/50, I would give it a try but it would need to be good

    The poll is expired.

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    I tried to vote NO, wouldn't be the same, but it wouldn't let me, just kept repeating "please select an option first" when I hit the "vote now" choice. Anyhow, that's why I voted NO, because it really wouldn't be the same for me, I like to remember the show as it was, with the characters that I knew and loved.


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      No, it wouldn't be the same. I think some of the older, legacy characters (Bob, Kim, Tom, Margo, etc), would either be recast or not included at all. It wouldn't be the same.


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        Yes, I would give it a shot. It's all about the writing. If it's good, I would continue to watch.

        I welcome watching more of the younger generation since the writers killed a couple of important legacy characters who would be the 30-somethings to help lead a show (e.g., Bryant and Jen) and sent Will/Gwen/Adam/Jade/Abigail/Aaron/Curtis out of town. Luke, Allison and Casey are among the few left in that age range. (I don't know how to classify Lucy since her age kept changing and she was barely on the last year; same for Chris Hughes, who was only 2 or 3 years older than Abigail for a long time.) I would welcome Dee Stewart's (or was it her sister) triplets back to get more Stewarts involved in Oakdale as well as the return of some who have left. Or Snyder cousins (kids of Holden's siblings). Or John Dixon's son M.J.

        Lily/Holden/Carly/Jack/Emily/Molly/Meg/Paul/Rosanna, etc. would all be in their late 40s/early 50s or older and should be stable. We've seen enough of their love lives (or at least I have. Nothing more pathetic than older people like that having angst over their love affairs. Grow up and settle down! ). Their stories could be more about dealing with the younger generation or business stories. Barbara could be a matriarch type character. Tom and Margo could retire and be like Nancy and Chris. Around, especially for holidays, but not on all the time. Same for John and Lucinda, Bob and Kim, Lisa, Emma, Susan and Ellen (bring her back!). This is all dependent if the actors are willing and able. Craig could still cause some havoc, especially in business. I would bring back Ben to run the hospital, and Isaac can run various businesses. It would be great to bring Jessica back (did she ever leave town, or was she just not shown much in the last few years?) Someone in the younger group could be an attorney; they could be on opposite sides of the courtroom if one was D.A.

        I would love to get away from the Katie/Carly/Janet snarl we watched in the last 2 years. Those gals ate the show. I prefer more of an ensemble written show like it was years ago.


        • #5
          A thousand times yes. But I want as the world turns back on cbs. I don’t have Netflix


          • #6
            I would give it a try to see which characters are showcased. I will admit, if Paul, Em, Holden and Lily were not the main characters then I would probably not hang around the viewership for very long.


            • #7
              The draw for me would be (at least) a few of the originals.
              Did Parker go to the police academy?
              Did Meg get her daughter back from Emily?
              Did someone run Juicy Janet out of town with pitchforks?
              I agree with TeamLuRe , I would love to see Ben running the hospital since Bob retired, and Jessica.
              ​​​​​​​The possibilities!
              I would give it a try.


              • #8
                I think it's been too long since it went off the air for their to be a reboot that would work well. They'd essentially have to start over at this point just to get new viewers. If it were like a prime time show that gets sold in to syndication, I'd say it would be easier. You'd have to re-introduce every character all over again for the new viewers that wouldn't know them and there's just too much history to not take the time to go over.


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                  I totally agree. I'm the type of person that likes the familiar, and if I'd rather have the ATWT that I knew and loved than a rebooted version.

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                I would love it anyway they want to do it. Just take back up where they left off. Those writers were so good it wouldn't take viewers long to get into it. I so hope this happens. Please let it happen!! The younger viewers are really quick to catch on, and let's face it, there are millions of we oldies left to really enjoy it for the rest of whatever time we have left.
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                • #10
                  Maybe if it is written well.


                  • #11
                    Yes I'd check it out - definitely.....I'd want a good mix of prior characters along with new or aged characters.....and would have to be prepared that some of the older actors are not likely to return to the routine....and here's how I'd write it....

                    I'd want Holden and Lily to be the 'signature couple' of the show now....and MB playing Lily....their daughters would be away at college, and Ethan would be a young adult, still in Oakdale....struggling to find his way in the world...not the typical 'angry soap teen' but one who is eager to become an adult....eager to take over his grandmother's business (Lucinda's company) and not afraid to use anyone or anything to make that happen. His mentor in this is Craig Montgomery, who has stepped into Lucinda's shoes - she doesn't really 'trust him' but knows he will do what it takes to succeed. Emma Snyder would still reside on the farm, as do Holden, Lily, and Ethan.

                    I'd want Christopher Hughes and Katie Peretti Hughes also on board - with their two teenagers LIla Hughes, named after Katie's mother to honor her memory after she passed away, and Reed Hughes, to honor the man whose heart beats in Chris's body. The show would open with Katie being pregnant with twins after she thought she and Chris were done having children at two.

                    Casey Hughes would be an attorney now and be married to Alison Stewart Hughes - they'd have two children, pre-teens....Stewart Hughes, as soaps are often fond of combining the last names of characters as the full name of a child born to them....and Nancy Hughes - a tribute to the matriarch of the Hughes Family with whom young Nancy shares a birthday. Casey would also be mentoring his half-brother Daniel trying to groom him to attend law school after a failed bid at a career in medicine....but Casey doesn't know that his little brother developed a drug dependency in med school....and although his medical career dried up...the dependency didn't. Margo and Tom would still be alive, but living in Florida when Tom's health started to decline and he needed a warmer climate.

                    Carly would have departed town and Jack would have by now found comfort and perhaps love with Rosanna Cabot....who stepped in to help when Carly's departure impacted Sage negatively...and with the baby born after the original show ended. Jack is the chief of Oakdale Police presently, and Rosanna has moved Cabot Motors to Oakdale, running a manufacturing plant for automobiles....little does she know that her plant manager is laundering money for Chicago Mob figures...who are tired of Jack's snooping around into the business.

                    LIsa would be on a world tour having found cabaret performing much more to her taste than sitting idle, and leaving her Oakdale business interests in the hands of her friend and granddaughter in law Katie Peretti Hughes...Kim and Bob would also be in Florida with Bob consulting for a pharmaceutical company having found retirement too dull.


                    • #12
                      Only if Jack and Carly were still on


                      • #13
                        50/50. For me, the writing and overall quality would have to be much better than the state the show was in when it left the airwaves.


                        • #14
                          Only if they found a way to bring Reid back to life


                          • #15
                            With the advancements in digital production and an increase in the number of digital series, I think you could reboot it and I would watch ... if ...

                            1. the writing and production values were both top notch.
                            2. there was an energy to the show. At the end of the run, it seemed like they were going through the motions.
                            3. it was 1/2 hour

                            My suggestions for main characters:
                            1. Holden and Lily with Faith, Natalie and Ethan as teens/young adults.
                            2. Parker, Oakdale PD, Sage, and Liberty
                            3. Molly Conlan and Abigail
                            4. Luke and Noah and the adopted daughter
                            5. Emily, Dusty and nuPaul
                            6. Casey, Bonnie McKechnie and Dallas Griffin

                            I'd dig into the backstory to bring in some Hughes great grandchildren. Plus special appearances by Lucinda, John Dixon, Jessica Griffin, Susan Stewart, Bob & Kim, Tom & Margo.

                            Seems hard to believe the show went off the air 10 years ago!


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