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As the World Turns slips to #4 behind Days of Our Lives in Episode Counts


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  • As the World Turns slips to #4 behind Days of Our Lives in Episode Counts

    Although it seemed unlikely to happen way back in 2010, on April 24 Days of Our Lives slid past As the World Turns to become the US Soap Opera with the third-longest time-span on television: 19892 days

    And in 1008 days it will beat Guiding Light to #2, but not before General Hospital moves into the #1 spot in only 56 days. **

    In terms of Episode Counts, Days is still 16 episodes behind ATWT due to the greater number of pre-emptions it's had over the years.
    Title Start Date End Date Days Episodes
    The Guiding Light 30/06/1952 18/09/2009 20900 14437 *
    General Hospital 01/04/1963 24/04/2020 20844 14573
    Days of Our Lives 08/11/1965 24/04/2020 19892 13842
    As the World Turns 02/04/1956 17/09/2010 19892 13858
    The Young and the Restless 26/03/1973 24/04/2020 17197 11930
    One Life to Live 15/07/1968 13/01/2012 15888 11105
    All My Children 05/01/1970 23/09/2011 15237 10712
    Search For Tomorrow 03/09/1951 26/12/1986 12899 9130
    Another World 04/05/1964 25/06/1999 12836 8891
    The Bold and the Beautiful 23/03/1987 24/04/2020 12087 8336
    * estimate
    ** Unless General Hospital is cancelled before it resumes production.

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    It's a shame that we don't have some of these shows anymore.
    For me, Guiding Light and As The World Turns will always be numbers 1 and 2 because they were the firsts.
    Cancellation dates don't negate that in my opinion, but this is interesting.

    Sunset Beach and Capitol didn't make the list?

    Thank you for posting mlauenstein


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      Originally posted by CouchCruisin' View Post
      Sunset Beach and Capitol didn't make the list?

      I stopped the list at Bold and Beautiful as they are the lowest ranked show currently running, so there won't be any lower-ranked shows passing anyone higher on the list. Unless something comes back on the air unexpectedly.

      Of course I'll leave Another World on the list even after B&B passes it.


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