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Tom and Margo : Favorite/Least Favorite Moment


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  • Tom and Margo : Favorite/Least Favorite Moment

    On As The World Turns, Tom and Margo were one of my favorite super couples of all time over the years. I loved the chemistry that Tom and Margo had through the actors that played them. To me though, Scott Holmes and Ellen Dolan in my view had that magic that was very special, so I ask all of you, what was your favorite and least favorite moment of Tom and Margo?

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    When Margo had her rape haircut was my least favorite moment. It was hideous.


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      Justin Deas and Margaret Colin were my favorite Tom and Margo.


      • Emerald Greens
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        Yes Margaret and Justin were the Tom and Margo for me although I also loved Gregg Marx .
        Tom and Margo were unique characters at that point something was really lost with the characters after that.

        I loved their wedding.

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      I hated that they took custody of Daniel away from Emily and then shipped him off to boarding school.


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        Yes my least favorite moments where after the recast. Taking Daniel away from Emily and their shabby treatment of Gwen.


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          Always thought the Scott Holmes and Ellen Dolan incarnation of Tom and Margo were "holier than thou". And then there was the midlife crisis where Margo was trying to initiate an affair with Doc Reese.

          I enjoyed that they were the grown children of Bob and Lisa and John and Lila. That continuity and those family interactions are part of what made ATWT strong.


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            Yes I found Ellen and Scott’s Tom and Margo were more stuck up . Nothing against the actors but they were not so much Tom and Margo but some other generic couple. I know they were a legacy couple and legacy characters but they lacked the uniqueness or the quirky nature of what drew me to Tom and Margo they didn’t have they didn’t have the empathy and sort satisfied they were in the right most of the time.

            The writing changed a lot of it I’m not sure how much was due to the change in actors but they were very different after that.


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              I never thought that Holmes and Dolan had chemistry with each other. I wasn't invested in them as a couple; I also found the characters as played by them to be a little too self-satisfied and too sure they were always right, especially Holmes as Tom. I preferred Deas and Colin; they really played well off of each other, and truly seemed in love. They were a fun couple.


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