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Was Carl a child predator


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  • Was Carl a child predator

    Considering his history with Lorna he was. Jmo

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    Oh yeah I'm pretty sure yes. But I don't think the early 90s writers intended to portray him that way. They explicitly stated that Carl didn't pressure or pursue Lorna and that Lorna initiated the sexual relationship. Obviously it's gross and he's clearly a predator. He took her in as a young teen and raised her then had a sexual relationship with her and blackmailed her using nude photos. But the writers tried hard to backpedal and make it seem skeevy but not as awful as it clearly is.


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      Plus, the entire timeline with Lorna made no sense to begin with- first off, Carl was once married to Donna, I believe, or at least engaged to her, and she was close to Carl’s son Perry. Neither one of them knew of a girl named Lorna that he had raised. Then later, Carl was in a relationship with Felicia, and she never saw Lorna. The same girl, btw, she had given up for adoption LOL talk about coincidence. Then after he and Felicia broke up and he tried to kill Mac and Rachel, he was sent to prison, where he remained until he escaped and was thought to be killed. So basically AW was rewriting history so much when Carl returned, I just kind of gloss over those things that didn’t make sense, and Lorna was one of those things.


      • witchboy
        witchboy commented
        Editing a comment
        Carl and Donna were married for years.
        I figure that Carl was keeping Lorna in a different home secretly during those years.

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      Thanks those are excellent points that will make it easier to ignore that rewrite.


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