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  • Favorite Another World Opening/

    What was everyone's favorite Another World opening? Mine was where Crystal Gayle & Gary Morris sang during the opening they would show different Another World stars in cartoon.

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    Truthfully, I liked them all! The earliest one I remember was the one where the title comes from all directions to form the words Another World, along with the multi-colored and interlocking rings- a great way for the show to showcase being in color, along with the updated but still classic music. Then in 1981 the show really modernized the opening with the interlocking rings shooting out and giving way to the images of a man and woman on the side, with the words Another World swinging into the center. It reminded me a bit of the opening credits of the Superman movie, and the colors were great. Then the computer animated images of the cast was really awesome, clearly inspired by the music video Take On Me by A-Ha. Some of the images, such as Hank throwing leaves to the camera, Olivia in the Cory pool, and John and Sharlene opening the barn door as it’s snowing were fabulous, while others were not as memorable or poorly shot, so it was hard to see their faces, such as Ryan and Vicky kissing or Michael and Donna dancing. And the later images weren’t done as well, and didn’t match the images already there. The last opening was a nod to E/R, really a ripoff, but I liked it. Not as memorable as the previous themes, though.

    I’d also like to hear which themes others preferred.


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      What a great question and a great chance to remember our show! I was born in 73 yet I seem to remember too much for my age! Thanks knotsfan for the history lesson on the opening. I definitely remember the interlocking circles which always reminded me of hoola hoops. I remember when Crystal Gayle guest starred on AW and was almost killed by the Sin Stalker and next thing you knew there was a new theme. I loved the computer generated images which was quite high tech for the time. John and Sharlene in the barn was so good as well as Michael kissing Donna's neck but my favorite was Matt with the drumsticks dancing and playing air drums.

      Something else I loved was that AW also had a closing theme song that was completely different. It was upbeat and I remember dancing around to it and they would play important scenes from the days show with the credits and freeze on someone making a surprised or crying face.

      The last update just felt like some P&G type did a focus group and decided this would be new and hip and New York but it didn't really seem like it had anything to do with our show.


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