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Best Secret reveals on AW?


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  • Best Secret reveals on AW?

    What was the Best secret reveals on AW?
    Paulina was Mac's daughter. Sandy was Mac's son.

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    1) When Jeanne Ewing, Blaine and Larry’s mom, was revealed as the person who killed Alma Rudder.


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      After Amanda was born, Mac blurted to Iris something to the effect of "I now have my first born daughter" and it was revealed (and many years later reversed) that Iris was adopted. It was one of the most brilliant scenes ever. Beverlee McKinsey was amazing. I think you can youtube the audio version of the scene. I also loved when Rachael revealed The Chief. Victoria Wyndham is one of the greatest soap actors of all time and while ever scene she did was powerful, I loved her walking into Cory boardroom and regaining her rightful place. There were so many AW great scenes... the writing and acting was pretty spectacular and under rated.


      • FitzSpeaker6666
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        Agree the way Victoria Wyndam had molded the character of Rachel to Chairman, Chairwoman of Corey Publishing had been tremendous acting over years.

        Y'all had to see Rachel years ago a gold digger vixen out to take what was hers or what she thought be for her then came Mac Corey who changed her life she transformed to a better woman.

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      Donna was Marly's mother and not her sister. Also that Vickie was Donna other daughter and Marly's twin sister.


      • savytabby
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        I agree with this.

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      Yeah, definitely the Iris reveal -- even if it was reversed many years later when McKinsey was no longer in the role. The Paulina reveal was just another story with a long lost relative being invented by a writer.

      Donna being the twins' mother was pretty good, but Days of Our Lives beat them to the punch by having Lee and Renee turn out to be mother and daughter instead of sisters.


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        The paternity of Jamie Frame who had been passed off at Jamie Mathews son of Dr. Russ Mathews.

        Y'all had to see a very old clip of Rachel (played VERY well by Robin Strasser) TELL Alice Mathews that Jamie was the son of Steve Frame NOT her bother Russ as the engagement party for Steve and Alice was starting downstairs in the Mathhew's home, Jim and Mary Matthews.

        Talk about MEAN oh could Rachel be MEAN to Alice!


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