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How well do you know Another World?


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  • How well do you know Another World?

    Who ever answers this question gets to ask the next question?
    Who killed Jason Frame?

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    It was that nutso Nicole Love.


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      Not well enough!

      After leaving daily viewing for years then the show went off the air during the pandemic shutdown I discovered the Internet old clips of Rachel and Mac, etc.


      - what had happened to result in the renovations several of them the new decorating of the Corey Mansion? I recall Mac had bought the digs for his bride Rachel and Gwen Parrish and Willis Frame renovated the place?

      - anyone remember Mac giving Rachel a Rolls Royce in the driveway of the Corey Mansion and she thanked him so yet told him to return it she had NOT liked what the gift would imply to Bay City residents as she went from gold digger vixen to a better woman?

      - way back Aunt Liz had a guy scam her for money she threw a very expensive crystal love birds statue had been an engagement gift across her beautiful living room smashed that into a million pieces anyone here old enough to remember that scene?

      - way back Rachel (played VERY well by Robin Strasser) TELLING Alice Matthews "I am pregnant with Steven Frames child" as their engagement party was unfolding downstairs in the Mathews home?


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