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Michael and Rachel were in middle school together


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  • Michael and Rachel were in middle school together

    I'm re-watching 1986 episodes, and I saw struck by the oddness that Rachel says she and Michael went to middle school together.
    Now, soap ages often don't make sense, but at the time Rachel's son Jamie has been divorced twice and written a novel, and Rachel had been married and lost another baby before Jamie was born. Michael got Donna pregnant when they were teenagers and Marley and Vicky are said at this time to be 19 - it's an important plot point as they can't get access to their trust funds yet.
    So Michael should be 35. It seems like Rachel should be nearly a decade older due to Jamie's age and life experience.
    I did look it up, and in real life at the time Victoria Wyndham was 41 and Kale Browne was 37, for what it's worth. So their real life ages were close, I think that the writers didn't take into account that Jamie being SORASed so much meant that Rachel had to be older.

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