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Who put you on AMC?


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  • bookwoman
    Board Regular
    • Mar 2004
    • 725

    I was not allowed to watch soaps at my house but my best friend and her mother watched RH and AMC during lunch so I ate lunch at their house a lot. It was during the Phil, Tara, Chuck storyline. I never stopped watching. My dad bought an early VCR and I learned how to use it so I could tape AMC and GH. He was not pleased lol. I still watch YR and GH and I love watching AMC again on YT.


    • tosh
      Senior Board Member
      • Jul 2009
      • 2146

      Started around Adam Chandler's time, before his twin was introduced. I had to record Y&R, ATWT,GL,GH, for my mom AMC would come on last.
      To make it go faster i had to ff through the ads because none of them didnt know how to use the vcr,I had to sit there do & it, so why not watch it


      • WalnutGirl
        Senior Board Member
        • Jul 2019
        • 1803

        Whenever a CBS soap was preempted, my family would watch the ABC soaps.


        • kyzer sosay
          kyzer sosay commented
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          Interesting move
      • Maxie's Boy Toy
        Soap Addict
        • Mar 2009
        • 6990

        I started when I heard Lindsay Hartley was joining the show. I was a big fan of hers from Passions. I started watching about a month before she joined so I'd have some idea of what was going on the canvas when she arrived. I grew to really love the show during my short time watching it. I watched the revival as well.


        • kyzer sosay
          kyzer sosay commented
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          That’s interesting. She was
          married to Justin Hartley when
          he played Adam on Y&R.

          Then he was with Chrishell who
          played Amanda Dillon on AMC.
      • tad'snewgirl
        • Jan 2018
        • 42

        A combination of people: Our neighbor down the street was in college when I was in middle school. I thought she was the coolest person ever and she used to watch AMC. She was a big fan of the Nina/Cliff romance. My grandmother used to watch and whenever I visited her or she came over, I would watch with her. She would fill me in (partially) on the back stories. She would never tell me, for example, that Donna had been a teen prostitute. That was simply too shocking! And she did NOT approve of Tad the Cad. I used to love to tease her by telling her I thought he was sooo handsome! She thought the Jenny and Greg romance was just lovely, however. Too bad it was destined for tragedy.


        • dreamie
          Recurring Poster
          • Jul 2023
          • 493

          My mother and women relatives always watched the soaps, so I grew up in a soap watching family. I don't exactly when I started watching AMC, but I remember a younger Erica Kane, whom I used to despise! I hated how awful she was to Mona her mother, a sweet lady! However, over the years I grew to love Erica. Kendall was my favorite though (Alicia Monshew's Kendall)... I was a Zendall lover!


          • ekek
            Aspiring soap scribe
            • Mar 2004
            • 31438

            My 3 month old daughter went down for a long nap at that time and I had lunch on a TV tray. I heard a new soap was starting starring Ruth Warrick and I thought it would be very professional. I have watched every episode, even online.


            • Moore ideas
              Look! Up in the sky! It's a Super Moderator!
              • Jul 2005
              • 17267

              I saw a bazillion promos for the new soap that was going to begin and decided to see what it was all about. I was instantly hooked when I saw Erica Kane! It was the only soap I watched for about 18 years!

              But ekek, your story reminds me of how I eventually got hooked on OLTL. My third/youngest child took her bottle at 2:00 pm. I already had the TV on from having just watched AMC, and so I just left the TV on and stayed put while I fed her. Obviously, it was inevitable that I would get hooked on that one too! And then, after I'd been moderating here for a few years, the GH forum needed an additional moderator, and so, well, you know...........
              Moore ideas
              SOC Moderator
              Please email me with questions or comments.

              Dumbledore to Harry:
              "It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."


              • jward1108
                I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
                • Oct 2005
                • 8789

                My mom watched Guiding Light and As the World Turns on days she wasn't working, and I would join in. She started watching the "new" soap, All My Children, from the beginning. It didn't take me long to become interested in Erica Kane and her shenanigans with Brent Martin (was that his name?). Later I loved her with the "older" Nick character. I only watched hit and miss in the beginning, but in the 80s I started watching pretty much daily. Even after I worked full time, I would go home at lunch to watch the middle part of AMC (15 minutes to get home, 30 minutes watching my show, 15 minutes to get back to work).

                Moore ideas I love your story about watching OLTL because of your baby's bottle habit!


                • Moore ideas
                  Moore ideas commented
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                  Wow jward1108, you had that work/AMC thing down to a science!!

                • WalnutGirl
                  WalnutGirl commented
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                  I don't know why guys are shy about being fans of soaps. They watch them in bars, my brothers were soap fans. I was a CBS soap kid, but sporadically, I watched AMC. I even got to see Susan in person at a store event, in the 90's. I think she was promoting a book she wrote.

                • Moore ideas
                  Moore ideas commented
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                  WalnutGirl -- ME TOO!! I don't remember why Susan Lucci was in my area, but I do remember that she was absolutely lovely. Very gracious and almost shy.
              • namers
                Executive Poster
                • Jun 2008
                • 3839

                I was hooked on The City and Port Charles. AMC was on afterwards so I kept the TV on while surfing the web and got hooked.


                • Hope4BetterDays
                  I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
                  • Sep 2006
                  • 8909

                  I can't remember exactly when or how I started watching AMC but I know it's one of my first soaps I started watching as a child probably because they used to do disaster stories like bombings and hurricanes.


                  • David Lives
                    Board Regular
                    • Sep 2010
                    • 741

                    My grandmother used to watch Ryans Hope, AMC and Another World. I watched all of these and picked up on One Life to Live, General Hospital and the City on my own. I miss these shows so much!


                    • Trezured1
                      Board Regular
                      • Feb 2009
                      • 660

                      My teenage aunts. Lol!


                      • lonelygirl
                        Soap Addict
                        • Dec 2011
                        • 7402

                        My aunt is the one who introduced me, she has followed the soap from day one, it's very dear to me, it brings me back to all those late nights coming back from work and watching together episodes, she'd explain to me who was whom lol...l started to get hook, and she'd send me magazines so l could keep up, l feel sad it has ended bc that was truly her one soap she loved.


                        • SinnRising
                          Board Regular
                          • Jun 2022
                          • 830

                          I watched the ABC soaps growing up with my sister in law, YR, DAYS with my grandma but what hooked me on All My Children for good: Josh Duhamel/Leo


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