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Micheal Nader (Dimitri) has passed away


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  • Micheal Nader (Dimitri) has passed away

    Micheal Nader (Dimirti) passed away yesterday from cancer, at 76.RIP!

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    OMG I was just watching classic AMC episodes with my husband last Friday and told him I had no idea (forgot) Dimitri was recast! RIP Michael Nader!


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      So sad. He was so good as Dimitri. Now him & "Edmund" (
      John Callahan) are gone.
      Thanks for the entertainment.


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        So sad to hear the news about our beloved Dimitri. I was also a fan of him as Dex on the original Dynasty back in the 80s. Prayers to the loved ones of Mr. Nader. You will be missed. RIP


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          I don't always write long post here, but here is one.

          I am very devastated to learn this on SoapCentral today and from a few just recently on FB/Twitter-verse. This is such a shame. Many live way into late age
          of 87-90s, and up.

          So VERY handsome.
          So very talented.(literally/natural actor imo. jmo)

          This man was 1 of my top 2 favie tv day/primetime crush for a long time, omg so sexy, the whole pkg., are very few:
          • La'Voz!(the voice!)
          • The face...
          • Tall dark handsome, beautiful good looking, incredible looking man, sexxi without even "trying" and the ability to melt mi corazon(my heart)just by speaking. litearlly."This man was everything, I hope he knew that. I really do. Cancer hurt and or kill so many too soon. I am so sad about his passing."

          Loved Michael Nader AMC Dynasty(alot)was real real young with Dynasty but him and Joan had the "best" natural chemistry ever, and him and Susan Lucci, both he sizzled with on tv.
          (Joan Collins now late eighties, 87 or 88 years old, she at the time was older than him, but wow!) the two of them per scene was so flamin' hot!

          i am sure both of them are mourning his passing. I just feel "SOME" belong on TV shows, day or primetime. He is one of them.

          May he now continue RIP with God above, he has no more pain in life, and i pray one day Cancer shall be cured, i pray for this so much.

          God bless you, sir.
          You rest now.... #RIPMichaelNader ... You're at peace, finally....

          To always remembered, through each pleasant, happy rememberance, by all who cherished, cared, and love you. Rest now.

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            I'm sad and upset at this news! So many wasted years that AMC could've still been on air! we could've been enjoying our fav actors and appreciating them while they were still here! Now so many have passed on. I'm starting to think that a AMC reboot is unneeded now. ABC has wasted so much time with their B.S. Just forget about it altogether!


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              I was so sorry to hear this news! MN was a very special actor. Condolences to his family


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                So sorry 2 hear this he was a very talented actor.

                May he rest in eternal peace.

                Condolences 2 his family & 2 all his friends & fans!

                I really liked his portrayal of Dimitri & he & Erica were fiery but I absolutely LOVED his work on Dynasty as Dex dexter.

                He & Joan Collins worked so well off of each other.

                R.I.P. 2 a wonderful actor!


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                  Very sad news. Rest with God Michael.


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                    Sad may he RIP. Dmitri was my favorite of Erica's husbands I think he should've been her last one (although I didn't mind Jack/Erica, Dmitri/Erica were superior).

                    Edmund and Dmitri are both gone.


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                      Super sad. And one of my favorite characters on AMC and Dynasty.


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                        I'm really sad about this...I will always remember him as Dimitri, one of the best male characters AMC ever had IMO.

                        And, IMO the best with Erica as part of a couple.


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                          Dimitri was one of my favorite leading men on AMC. His romance with Erica was something I will always remember fondly. They just sparkled together. I loved how Dimitri didn’t take her crap lol.

                          MN was so talented and I am so grateful that even for a short time he returned as Dimitri ( PP online).

                          God bless Mr Nader; condolences to his family and friends.


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                            The last time I saw him onscreen was when Oprah had Susan Lucci and her AMC husbands on her show. He was definitely a better suited hubby than most.


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                              I remember MN as Dimitri on AMC and as Dex Dexter on Dynasty. So handsome, such a distinctive voice. Oh, how I miss that era of television. RIP, MN.


                              • Ginuwine
                                Ginuwine commented
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                                I miss that era of television as well. *sigh*

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