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Zoom Reunion, who was there?


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  • Zoom Reunion, who was there?

    Did anyone else watch the reunion over Zoom last Sunday? I enjoyed it. I thought it was fun. I know some people were upset that some actors weren’t able to get in. But I just enjoyed seeing them in a “normal” setting. I didn’t do it to see any one person. I was happy to see the proceeds donated to worthwhile organizations in John Callahan’s name!

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    I was. I really enjoyed it. So great to see so many familiar faces again talking about the show in general, Ray MacDonnell, favorite sets from the show, and catching up with what they've all been up to since they left AMC. Extra points for getting Keith Hamilton Cobb to appear! I didn't recognize him at first, and when Sydney Penny shouted "hi" to him, Noah and Julia were momentarily reunited. Never thought I'd see that again.

    My favorite moment was when Kim Delaney was asked what her favorite set from AMC was, and she said the NYC streets when Jenny ran away and was hanging out with Jesse. That warmed my heart so much. I was a teenager when those scenes aired and it took me right back to watching AMC in the '80s.

    John Callahan's and Eva La Rue's daughter is gorgeous. I'm glad so many former castmates came together to remember John and support a good cause.


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      Too many have died, retired
      from or quit acting to have any
      reasonable reboot. Although
      Jacob Young would lend credence
      to the Pibe Valley canvass.


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        I agree, that's why I have no interest in a reboot, because it just wouldn't be the same AMC for me. I'd rather keep the memories I have of AMC, when my favorite actors and characters that I loved were on the show that I remember.

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      Well said

      Maybe Walt Willey?


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