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All My Children Sequel Script is Complete and in ABC’s Hands


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  • All My Children Sequel Script is Complete and in ABC’s Hands

    The show runner of the All My Children Sequel has finally revealed that the script for the primetime soap opera is now complete. Show runner Leo Richardson is asking fans to make some noise on social media in order to show ABC how much we want this show to air. Once he gets the final green light casting and filming should begin shortly.

    Source: Daytime Confidential

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    This is awesome news. I want to see the all my children spin off


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      I wish them GREAT success & hopefully(fingers crossed) other soaps will follow suit with some prime time sequels.

      I'm looking @ U Guiding Light & As The World Turns!


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        This is wonderful news. I’m very interested to see an updated take on AMC. I already love that it’s called Pine Valley ❤️

        If anyone could direct me—
        I’m not very savvy about social media but I have millennial kids so where should we go SM wise? I’d love to show my support.

        Thanks to any and all replies 😊


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          I hate to be Debbie Downer but I have absolutely no expectations regarding this.

          No. 1, I don't think it will ever come to fruition on our TV screens

          No. 2, if it does, I don't think it will be anything close to what my fellow All My Children fans are expecting.


          • creation
            creation commented
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            I feel the same way you do, I don't think it will ever be the AMC that I knew and loved. I think those days are gone forever.

          • youngandfan
            youngandfan commented
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            If it actually DID end up on air it would probably involve Bianca (not played by ER) with her now adult daughters and a new random love interest. We'd probably have SMG Kendall back (which I like both versions) BUT if they happened to have Erica on you can bet right now there will be a lot of creative editing to keep SMG and SL from actually having to interact and on top of that the Erica role will just be to humor fans and SL which will just be disrespectful. It probably would star KR and her husband along with the one son that is an actor. I doubt we would hear from Jackson, comedic Opalthe Martin family, Greenlee and Ryan, Angie and Jesse (unless there is a medical/ cop aspect to the show and even then 50/50 they would be played by the same actors and 50/50 that the cop would be one of their children who cares about what their occupation was on the show). We'd probably get one throw away line about Llanview that would get peoples hopes up and then nothing ever comes to be. The Chandler mansion if shown would be something dark and cold in feeling as apposed to warm and inviting.

            I'd love to see these shows revisited again and I think with the time that has passed BOTH AMC and OLTL could tell some great stories with the rich histories that each show has to offer. I just don't have high hopes for ABC. Maybe it can be a Hulu original BUT we all know how the fans reacted the last time AMC was offered on Hulu and while more people have access to streaming services on their TV's now than they did in 2013 a large part of the audience would probably still complain. I remember when the Daytime Emmy's would air on FB (and honestly those were some of the best broadcasts and most respectful ones I've seen in years) and people would complain ON FB as if they didn't have access to it.

          • Pamcho
            Pamcho commented
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            If it does make it to the screen, if it doesn' get & KEEP good ratings, ABC will yank it faster than you can shake a stick. They give their shows a very short leash. Just look at Rebel. It didn't last a month. It might have a longer life on Freeform.

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          Really hoping it works out!


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            I don't do social media.


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              Baby steps...

              Perhaps the first air date
              might be May 2023?


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                I'm going to stay positive. I believe the reboot will happen.


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                  TVLine's Matt Webb Mitovich was asked about this and replied that as far as he's heard it's still in development at ABC

                  Development of any new series can take a significant amount of time as casting, scripts (then approval of scripts etc) needs to happen.


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                    Kelly Ripa and hubby is producing the show i read. Since she's going to be in it i will watch.
                    Curious to see how they approach Adam death .Kelly said it will be dark or darker i can't remember
                    i going to look for it upload the link hopefully
                    Last edited by tosh; July 31, 2021, 03:16 PM.


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                      Any updates or progress?

                      its been almost two months...


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                        Originally posted by Angela Holliday View Post
                        I hate to be Debbie Downer but I have absolutely no expectations regarding this.

                        No. 1, I don't think it will ever come to fruition on our TV screens

                        No. 2, if it does, I don't think it will be anything close to what my fellow All My Children fans are expecting.
                        I think that is probably true. It will be on Hulu or some cable/streaming platform, and it will feel more like "Mistresses" or "Desperate Housewives" if we are lucky and a cheap Lifetime cheerleader movie if we are not. Still, I would watch the former gladly. Less so the latter.


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                          A group of formerly hardcore
                          AMC fans feel that many of
                          the overall story arcs
                          developed by Agnes Nixon
                          WILL NOT fly in this #metoo

                          Erica was the victim of
                          statutory rape, Bianca was
                          raped, Estelle was an escort
                          and there were phases of
                          rampant drug use.

                          Kudos to Agned though for
                          being a pioneer in showcasing
                          the opioid epidemic years
                          before the media and
                          government realized how
                          insidious it is.

                          I would like a show entrenched
                          in the traditional Pine Valley
                          framework, but modernized from
                          the 2011 closing.


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                            I wish it all the success possible. It doesn't have to be perfect or be what every AMC wants, it only needs to prove that using the setting, characters and storytelling style still is possible and commercially viable. If one spin-off can generate revenue, it will show there is interest, even for other shows/concepts based on it. I'm the kind of fan with enough nostalgia, that I'd watch is it was possible in Canada and if even if not my favourite characters were selected.

                            However, the problem seems to lie with positioning it as a primetime show. AMC has been groundbreaking in the past in its tackling social issues that is true, but that would not be groundbreaking nowadays, especially compared to the sensationalism of current primetime. It's not that you can't show a storyline with rape, it's that it would have to be presented in a very different way, and it can't be used for ratings or to shamelessly starts umbrella storylines like daytime often does.


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