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Did Zach ruin Kendall?


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  • Did Zach ruin Kendall?

    Watching reruns on YouTube during the Bianca rape storyline and Kendall wasn’t the annoying, submissive, woman-child she became later. She would later always play the victim/damsel in distress and jump into a random person’s bed whenever she was upset. Did Zach through the writers destroy the strong assertive woman she was in 2003?

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    Zach and Kendall were a huge success. Neither one of them ruined the other, the opposite is true-they made each other. However, their writing wasn't always that great.


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      Zach became a daddy figure to her saving her from her impulsive childlike damsel in distress behavior. Sure, I blame the writers but I didn’t like seeing a submissive Kendall. She’s Erica Kane’s daughter. She became weaker with Zach. Again, that is the writers fault. They made the couple unbearable for me.

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    I was a big Zach and Kendall fan, so I definitely don’t think Zach ruined Kendall. I watch soaps for romance, and their slow burn as they fell in love in spite of their fears and each’s other’s flaws was one of the best stories I’ve ever seen on a soap. I hated how Kendall had been written when she was with Aidan and Ryan—the way she’d put her personality on hold to try to please the good guy, and with Ryan in particular, he didn’t seem to like or respect her, though he sure was hot for her. Because Zach was so flawed himself, he loved her the way she was, though she tested his patience and his love for her on quite a few occasions. Kendall needed someone equally screwed up in order to be in a successful pairing, and Zach was the right guy for her, IMO.

    Like Pav, I agree that the writing was sometimes bad for them. For example, two comas for Kendall in a little more than two years is just lazy writing. But I also felt that AMC didn’t develop other characters and couples, or write for other couples, in a way that they should have during the ’04-’11 era. They put too much focus on Zendall, giving them too much airtime, IMO (and I say this as a big fan of the couple), which again I think was easier to do than trying to build up other couples and focus on them. The latter required creativity and patience, and the writers, production team and/or network had no interest in expending any or all of that. So Kendall sometimes became a damsel in distress, which if I’m honest, I didn’t always like. I would have preferred a storyline where she was proactive, taking the lead, rather than being Aidan’s or Hannah’s or Rev. Ricky’s or Alex Cambias Sr.’s victim. But again, that’s a lack of effort and creativity on the writers’ part, not the fault of Kendall falling in love with someone like Zach with whom she was well-matched.


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      Man would I love Kendall back onscreen. With Zach, without Zach I’d just be happy to see her again, what a character!

      I don’t think he made her weak, I think he made her vulnerable, which is what love does. They weren’t my favorite couple ever but he was my favorite pairing of hers. I liked them together and thought they complimented each other well...most of the time. I do agree the writing wasn’t always the best with them, but the writing went up and down in general in the later years. I think they were a bright spot for me
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