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What was your biggest disappointment on AMC?


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    Josh the unaborted fetus was the biggest one for me


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      When Ryan and Greenlee started eating the show in last few years of the show


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        Basically giving away the storylines, before it aired. Bianca's coming out. I was done with the show. What's the point watching, if you already know how it ends?


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        • Sidney Penny's second (short-lived) run on the show in the mid-2000's. What was that about?
        • Sarah Michelle Gellar quitting in the summer of 1995
        • Laurel's death in early 1996
        • The way Maria was brought back to the show in 2002 ..... stranded on a deserted island with Aiden for six months ... WTH!
        • Janet killing Trevor off-screen. I prefer to believe this never really happened.
        • As a member of the LGBTQ community, I was extremely insulted when Zach came between Bianca and Reese. Didn't he impregnate one of them and eventually ended up sleeping with both of them? Absolutely unacceptable to this day!
        • Erica and Ryan hooking up.
        • Not using James Scott or Stacy Haiduk to full effect about 15 years ago.


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          No disagreement from me on your comment regarding Zach coming between Bianca and Reese. Horrible storyline. He impregnated Bianca at the request of both Bianca and Reese, though it was Reese who ultimately made the difference and convinced Zach to go ahead. Thankfully Zach didn't sleep with either Bianca or Reese, though it was originally proposed by Chuck Pratt that Zach and Reese would have sex in the chapel the night before Bianca and Reese's wedding. However, both Thorsten Kaye and Tamara Braun argued against that storyline twist, and it was rewritten so that Zach and Reese kissed, only to stop themselves before it went further than that. But it was still pretty awful.

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        I got over most things in time. I still bare a grudge that they finally let Jack and Erica marry only to break them up in record time.

        Killing off Dixie in that ridiculous manner was a stupid move. I will haunt that writer when I die.


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          Killing off Jenny, Julia, Cindy, Edmund, Noah, Frank, Trevor, and Laura.

          Maria and Dimitri sleeping together.

          Breaking up Erica and Jeremy.

          Breaking up Erica and Dimitri.

          Erica and Dimitri's baby dying.

          Breaking up Tom and Brooke.

          Breaking up Brian and Hayley.

          Pairing Dixie and Brian.

          Breaking up Tad and Hilary.

          Breaking up Tad and Dottie.

          Breaking up Terrance and Julia. (I preferred them over Noah and Julia. Though I liked Noah and Julia as well).

          Palmer saying that Opal (and not Daisy) was the love of his life.

          Giving Jesse a child that was not by Angie.
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            So many from the last few years. When they moved to California it went downhill fast. Having people in charge of the soap who did not remember the history or even seemed to like soaps was a bad decision.


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              I was very meh on AMC during the last few years of the show because the writing was just terrible but my biggest disappointments were:

              * Greenlee never getting the chance to have a baby...that severely pissed me off.

              *Babe and Jamie breaking up...when he was literally a better man in every aspect than JR and also a better partner for Babe than JR ever was.

              *The return of Sydney Penny/Julia Santos. Noah and Julia were probably the first soap opera couple that I ever saw in terms of chronology and so I was kind of excited when Julia returned to the show. I am not entirely sure what was going behind the scenes but that return was just weird. The show pretty much brought back Julia in order her to walk around town sad and that's all she did....was walk around town looking like Eeyore.

              *When Reggie and Danielle broke up.....I am still not over that mess.

              *Josh Madden and the Unabortion. I am someone who is very pro-life but I could lived without Josh Madden. Josh Madden just brought nothing to the show and Erica really treated him like an afterthought 98 percent of the time and also....he BROKE UP reggie and danielle!!!!!

              *The return of Angie and Jessie. I was so excited to see Angie and Jessie because I wasn't alive when they were on the show and my mom literally would not telling me about how they hung out with Greg and Jenny and went to New York at one point and were this major black soap couple and I was for it when they returned. However Angie and Jessie's return was really weird. Like I feel the writers just hated Angie....because the woman went blind and had cancer and had a stillborn baby all within a year and a half. Oh and the baby part was stupid because Angie was like 44 or the baby machine should have been on permanent pause aka menopause by that point.


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                One thing I didn't care for was the way Erica treated her bestie Opal. When Susan was on Devious Maids, her character was a much better friend.


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                  Going off the air I miss this show.

                  Killing off Dixie - What was the purpose?
                  Not doing Greenlee/Zach and Greenlee/David pairings.
                  Not giving Jesse and Angie a kid.
                  Putting Greenlee with Ryan.


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                    Originally posted by Nightrocker View Post
                    Going off the Air on ABC
                    Going off the air was the saddest for me too. Brian Frons got what he wanted.


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                      Originally posted by brickee View Post
                      Making Tad a killer, even if by accident was the biggest. Things went down a steep hill after that.
                      1000% this. It was the worst.


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