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Favorite Tad love interest?


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  • bluejazz
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Aug 2008
    • 24763

    Brooke. They just had a vibe. And it *shook* Adam.

    I vaguely remember Hilary. I do remember Liza and Tad and her mom. Dixie was one of those characters where I liked the actor but not the character (and I was hoping they would get Cady McClain to play Nina on GH when MS left). I liked Tad and Simone but ai wasn't watching much by then.


    • SamandWillowFan
      Senior Board Member
      • Dec 2018
      • 1588

      As someone who only watched from the mid 2000s on, I really like him and Cara and was sad it didn’t get to progress more before Dixie returned.


      • WalnutGirl
        Senior Board Member
        • Jul 2019
        • 1930

        I liked Tad and Dixie, before she got flaky. I also liked him and Crystal. Why did he and Brooke break up?


        • dreamie
          Board Regular
          • Jul 2023
          • 516

          As the years go by, sometimes I forget about certain characters and the storylines that they were involved in, and I hate that! Seems like AMC and some of the characters were ages ago to me.


          • Jupiter Jane
            Jupiter Jane commented
            Editing a comment
            Same here. While most of these names are vaguely familiar, I have little memory of the storylines they were involved in. I did not like the character of Dixie for sure.

          • dreamie
            dreamie commented
            Editing a comment
            Jupiter Jane, I did not like the character of Dixie either, although many loved her

          • namers
            namers commented
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            I didn't either!
        • Nicky77
          Lurking in the Shadows
          • Mar 2024
          • 11

          Tad's love interests have been diverse and compelling, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Sarah. Her intelligence, wit, and independence make her a perfect match for Tad's adventurous spirit. Their dynamic chemistry and shared passion for exploration create a captivating narrative that keeps readers engaged and rooting for their relationship to blossom. Sarah brings out the best in Tad, making her my top choice among his love interests.


          • Emrys
            Day Player
            • Apr 2024
            • 246

            "Di" was the best. She looked so naturally sinister.


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