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    Contacting the moderators

    The moderators thought it might be helpful to post a list of options for contacting us. Because the site no longer lists the names of the moderators assigned to each forum, we're a little more difficult to find these days! However, there are still a number of ways you can contact us.

    1. Leave a message in our profiles

    Please keep in mind that we are not on the site 24/7, so we may not see your message immediately. Also, some moderators are on the site more frequently than others, so response time might vary, depending on what's going on with us on any given day.

    2. Report one of your own posts and note that you're actually asking for some assistance.

    Flags are automatically sent to all site moderators, so someone will respond.

    3. Send a message to [email protected].

    This works a little bit like flagging a post.

    4. Find a post made by a moderator and click onto their hyperlinked "email me", at the bottom of every moderator's posts.

    This is the best option to choose. You can select the moderator who might be the best fit for answering your question, such as why a topic was removed from a specific board. This option also sends an email directly to the moderator's email account, so it's less likely to become buried among a massive influx of flagged comments.

    Also, please keep in mind that we're still experiencing some aggravating glitches on the site, so if one option doesn't seem to have worked after a day or two, please feel free to try a different one.

    Here is a list of all the current mods (alphabetical order), with a link to each moderator's profile page:





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