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Thread: Billy Magnussen: Game Night.

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    Billy Magnussen: Game Night.

    My boyfriend and I just got home after going to see Game Night tonight featuring World Turns alum, Billy Magnussen, (Casey Hughes). We highly recommend it. Very funny. Billy has niched himself a very nice acting career after World Turns ended in 2010. He's made some smart choices. He's been on Broadway and the movies. So proud of him.

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    I'll come on to give the other point of view - HAHA! I also saw this last night and thought the movie was fairly poor. There were a few laughs here and there but the audience I was with was pretty meh about it. However, Billy is wonderful, as always. (Actually, I thought everyone in the movie did pretty stellar work with sub par material.) I think I've seen everything he's done on stage in NY and most of his movies - purely by chance, he seems to get work in things with which I have interest - and am always pleased to see him. He has a joy to him that I feel translates into every role he plays.

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    He has been busy since he played Casey Hughes! I really liked him as Casey. He reminded me of my own son at that age. I'm glad he has done well.

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    Oh wow! I really enjoyed that movie, I had no idea he started on the soaps...makes me like him more!
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