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Thread: Problem losing thread pages..

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    Problem losing thread pages..

    Is anybody else having a problem reading the threads? They keep changing pages to blank page.
    I thought it was my cell phone but no prob anywhere else. Is there network prob with this site this afternoon?

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    So far, I haven't had any problem...

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    I have problems trying to type. the words usually run together. and sometimes it just goes to a different page when trying to post. But not the problem you are having. sorry you are having problems

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    Thanx, Damama & B&B blonde! Appreciate your replies.

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    i don't know if you all have heard about the new situation with google chrome blocking certain ads, or diminishing them, but that was probably the issue here.
    i belong to many chat boards around the world,on many different hosters,and these issues have happened everywhere, over the course of the last 5 days.
    all should be well now, if the glitches have stopped for you here, they haven't reappeared on any of my other boards.
    hope this helps!

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    I am having problems posting on this board site. It goes to a blank page and I keep waiting for it just to disappear. It also goes to a fake FB, that I won a card or a phone.....ugh, scammers!

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    I only have issues using the site on my phone. On my laptop it's fine. I believe the difference is not having ad block on my phone


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