Allison J. Waldman

Don't call them "my stories"

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I've had it with people who just don't get the soaps. You know the type, the ones who've never actually watched a daytime drama for more than a day and yet are quick to tell you how they're dumb and outdated and impossible to watch. Then they demean you by calling them "your stories." Argh!!

Look, while some people refer lovingly to their soaps as "my stories," don't you dare let someone tell you the soaps are crappy entertainment that's not worthy of being watched. Remind them that every single soap currently on the air has something going for them that no primetime TV show can boast -- LONGEVITY!! The youngest soap on is The Bold & the Beautiful and that's 22 years old. That's two decades of continuous entertainment. Take that, Law & Order!

Guiding Light holds the record for being on the air -- radio and TV -- longer than any other program. This year is its 72nd. That's remarkable. That's historic. That's something to be honored, not jeered at.

Soap fans owe it to the shows and to each other to stand up for daytime! Like I tell my husband -- who's been known to scoff when I settle in for some ABC 'love in the afternoon' or some CBS soaps -- "you just don't get it! You can't watch the soaps out of context."

Okay, my lather is over. You can go now. :>

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  1. Phantom Agony's Avatar
    I never hide the fact that I watch soaps and so many people that knock them would probably like them if they tried them. Sure they are stupid and some of the storylines are crazy but soap fans know this and love this. When you watch the craziness always seems to make sense. I am proud to be a soap fan!
  2. dolce_amore's Avatar
    I'm never embarrassed to admit I'm absolutely in love with my soap. It's the most enjoyable hour out of the day for me, it's my escape. It's an important part of me, since my grandmother, mother, and I all watch it, so - naturally, I'm quick to defend it (or just soaps in general) when people talk down about it. It makes me so mad. What other shows can go on for DECADES? What other shows can make you THAT ATTACHED to it's characters? What other shows make you feel apart of it in such a big way? The answer: there aren't any. Soaps are the most personal shows on television, and that's what makes them so special.
  3. jtchamp17's Avatar
    I am watching soaps again after 25 years and I LOVE it! I started watching them in high school and then when my sister gave me an old walkman that received TV channels last year, I started listening to them at work and got hooked. I now record them on my DVR...I don't want to missing a thing and I don't care who knows it!