Chloe & Kevin married

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Chloe will have nothing left to live for but if Chloe doesn't die and she ends up leaving town. The writers finally gave her a little backbone for a change and made her look like a real mother trying to protect her sick daughter. Chloe said that it was time for her to try her hand at something different. Chloe to leave and told her that the door will be left open for a Chloe return fairyland. Chloe's character for several reason. I really think they should come up with a twin sister that does look a lot like Elizabeth Hendrickson. Or have Elizabeth Hendrickson. Chloe is concerned over the word of Marriage. So Esther as high hopes for Chloe ever getting married again unlike some of Chloe's marriages. What point is Esther is trying to make any scene of Chloe ever getting married again. Does this mean Esther has commitment Issues where Chloe is concerned? Chloe does not love Kevin as deeply as he loves her so I doubt they would be paired for years to come. I can't see why being paired with him would drive EH to quit. If EH is leaving, I doubt it is because acting with actors like GR, CLB, and TEB who are all talented emmy winners, limits her. And I know she is good friends with all of them. She may want to try new things or felt disappointed that Delia's death became more about other characters and less about Chloe. Kevin's isn't. I don't understand why the writers don't see Kevin worthy of having a woman whose passionate about him. He had that in Jana and it got destroyed. The writers can come up with endless ways to show how much Kevin loves Chloe but they've also showed that she just doesn't feel the same at different points too. Perhaps she's not good enough for him then. I really don't care whose not good enough for who but I do think both who knows. She loves working with GR. Her character is isolated though and really has nowhere else to go. As for the pairing limiting her, it does for those who wanna see a new pairing. Lane limits Lily imo but fans of course won't see it that way. Its okay to wanna see new couples though. Back to EH, perhaps she simply wants to do other things. Michael Logan just said in a podcast that she was hesitant to renew the previous time so she's taking the big leap this time I assume.

Aerosmith Set List 2013

1. Toys In The Attic
2. Back in the Saddle
3. Same Old Song And Dance
4. Girls of Summer
5. Luv XXX
6. Oh Yeah
7. Sweet Emotion
8. Out Go The Lights
9. What it Takes
10. Big Ten Inch Record"
11. Legendary Child
12. Dream On
13. Walking The Dog
14. Freedom Fighter
15. Don't Want To Miss A Thing
16. Last Child
17. Jaded
18. What Could Have Been Love
19. Pink
20. Stop Messin' Around
21. Lord of the Thighs
22. Street Jesus
23. Cryin'"
24. Dude Looks Like A Lady
25. Lover A Lot
26. Draw the Line
27. Walk This Way
28. Another Last Goodbye

Set List CHEAP TRICK 2013

1. Hello There
2. Big Eyes
3. California Man
4. On Top of the World
5. Need Your Love
6. I Can't Take It
7. I Know What I Want
8. Baby Loves to Rock
9. Sick Man of Europe
10. Golden Slumbers
11. Carry That Weight
12. The End
13. I Want You to Want Me
14. Dream Police
15. Surrender

AEROSMITH Set List 2013 August 5, 2013 Orlando Florida

01. Toys In The Attic
02. Love In An Elevator
03. Jaded
04. Oh Yeah
05. Livin' On The Edge
06. Movin' Out
07. Walkin' The Dog
08. Last Child
9. Luv XXX
10. Rag Doll
11. Boogie Man
12. Combination
13. Stop Messin' Around
14. Street Jesus
15. Lover A Lot
16. What It Takes
17. Cryin
18. Dude Looks Like A Lady
19. Mother Popcorn
19. Walk This Way
20. Lord of the Thighs
21. Dream On
22. Mama Kin
23. Sweet Emotion
24. Another Last Goodbye

Kiss Set List 2013

1. King Of The Night Time World
2. Psycho Circus
3. Parasite
4. Wall Of Sound
5. Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
6. I Love It Loud
7. Hell or Hallelujah
8. War Machine
9. Heaven's on Fire
10. Back To The Stone Age
11. Deuce
12. Strutter 2013
13. Long Way Down
14. 2,000 Man
15. Outta This World
16.The Devil Is Me
(Tommy and Eric Jam)
17. Take It Off
18. God of Thunder (Gene solo)
19. Take Me Down Below
20. Lick It Up
21. Rock Bottom
22. Last Chance
23. Rock and Roll All Nite
24. Detroit Rock City
25. God Gave You Rock ' N' Roll ll
26. 100,000 Years
27. Forever
28. I Still Love You
29. Black Diamond

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    The storyline have left/are leaving? MM, BM, and now EH. And, possibly CW, assuming Kelly did the deed. Remember how upset viewers were when we learned about this storyline? My guess is that it was hard also on the actors. These guys acted their hearts out, didn't they? And, what did their characters have to look forward to? Being the one who "killed a child." (Not sure if I believe the rumors about MM) Being a mother who loses her only child.

    KISS 40th anniversary tour 2013

    Kiss set list Orlando Florida Friday August 16, 2013

    1. Psycho Circus
    2. Walls Of Sound
    3. Let Me Go, Rock and Roll
    4. Strutter
    5. The Devil Is Me
    6. Hell or Hallelujah
    7. War Machine
    8 . Heavenīs On Fire
    9. Deuce
    10. Dr. Love
    11. Take Me Down Below
    12. Shock Me / 2,000 Man
    13. God Of Thunder
    14. Lick It Up
    15. Parasite
    16. Love Gun
    17. Rock And Roll All Nite
    18. Rock Bottom
    19. Detroit Rock City
    20. 100,000 Years
    21. I Still Love You
    22. Black Diamond
    23. God Gave You Rock 'N' Roll II

    Kiss Set List 2

    1. Strutter
    2. Deuce
    3. Parasite
    4. Hell or Hallelujah
    5. I Stole Your Love
    6. Crazy Crazy Nights
    7. Let Me Go Rock and Roll
    8. The Devil Is Me
    9. I Want You
    10. Calling Dr. Love
    11. Mr. Speed
    12. War Machine
    13. Take Me Down Below
    14. Domino
    15. Forever
    16. Lick It Up
    17. God Of Thunder
    18. Rock Bottom
    19. Detroit Rock City
    20. I Still You Love
    21. Black Diamond
    22. Heaven's On Fire
    23. God Gave You Rock 'N' Roll II
    24. Rock ' N' Roll All Night

    Ozzy Set List 2013

    1. Crazy Train
    2. The Ultimate Sin
    3. Desire
    4. Bloodbath In Paradise
    5. S.I.N
    6. I Dont Know
    7. Black Rain
    8. Thunder Underground
    9. Beaking All The Rules
    10. Fire In The Sky
    11. Thank God For The Bomb
    12. Hellraiser
    13. Demon Alcohol
    14. Tattooed Dancer
    15. You Cant Kill Rock N Roll
    16. Goodbye To Romance
    17. Killer Of Giants
    18. I Dont Want To Change The World
    19. Revelation Mother Earth
    20. No Barn Movies
    21. I Dont Wanna Stop
    22. Diary Of A Madman
    23. Perry Mason
    24. Iron Man
    25. Fairies Wear Boots
    26. Children Of The Grave
    27. Paranoid