The Delia's death story line on Y&R

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1. This story wasn't generated out of concern. I really don't think the writers care that much. This is all about pulling a major stunt. Not reaching out to those effected by real-life loss. 2. This story is a play-by-play of Jake's death on GH. A story JFP produced, which ultimately got her fired. It was the straw that broke the camels back. That story brought the show so much bad publicity and the ratings took a serious hit. So much so, the network had to step in and get rid of the creative team. Jake was a character that was connected to not one, not two, but three legacy families (Spencers, Hardys, and Quartermaines), just as Delia is connected to the Abbots and Chancellors. This is not the Y&R I grew up with. I remember when a tragic death on a soap meant something. I remember when it wasn't done just to spike ratings. Even when they killed off Cassie, it had an effect on the characters that lasted years after. Delia was killed, No, but so far I like the story unfolding. I think the characters are acting IN CHARACTER and to me that is character driven. Adam is acting like Adam would act. Billy and Chloe are spot on as grieving parents. This isn't real life and all shows have to have good ratings to survive so all stories are about ratings even when BB wrote them he wanted to get ratings. And it isn't the first time a child died on a soap nor will it be the last. The story is sad but end of the day it is a story not someone's real life. I feel for real life people who have to watch play out what they have went through. For me I watch a soap for drama and everyone involved has brought the drama. I'm sorry Chloe lost her only child, I still miss Colleen, but even I feel much more drama will come from Delia's death than ever came from Colleens. If anything THAT was pure plot driven. I don't see Delia's death.

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