Summer of Sinners: Top 10 Most Sinister Sinners

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All soaps need villains. And DAYS had some of the best, most sinister mo-fos out there. We’re not talking just rookie blackmail and love triangle scheming. No, we mean a list of people whose redeeming qualities are the equivalent of the nice paint job on the Titanic. Luckily, these are people that we love to hate, played by some of the best talent Salem’s ever seen. So, to wrap up our Tour de Evil on this last official day of summer, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Most Sinister Sinners. We’ll leave the lights on for this one.

Stefano DiMera (1982-1983; 1984-1985; 1988; 1991; 1993-2001; 2006-2008; 2008-Present)

The familiarity we all have with Steffie is what makes him seem soft to us now. But if we all step back and think about it, there’s no way anyone should step foot near him. He’s brainwashed people, stolen babies, abducted and killed numerous citizens, and, well, we don’t have time to list ALL of his crimes, but you get the picture. To make it worse, he has global power, stretching his terror from America to Italy to Alamaina. Yup, this dude is so bad that even make-believe countries fear him!

Harper Deveraux (1987-1988; 1990)

One should always have a hobby. Take Harper, for example. He was a senator who collected dead bodies. Oh, our bad! He was a senator who was also a serial killer known as the Riverfront Knifer. Yet, even if you removed said serial killerism, Harper still would have made this list. He pretty much terrorized everyone in Salem during his tenure, especially Kayla Brady, whom he poisoned once and kidnapped…twice. That’s not even going into all the attempts to kill Steve Johnson. We’d need another list for that! Simply put, Harper was crazy scary, ya’ll.

Lawrence Alamain (1990-1993; 2009; 2010)

"Scary Larry" lived up to that nickname. Just ask Carly Manning. Once her Prince Charming, their storybook romance quickly turned into a tabloid spread. He terrorized Carly with everything in his arsenal and after his death came back as a ghost to spook her some more! Of course, Lawrence wasn’t any nicer or more forgiving to his other enemies like Bo Brady, Steve Johnson, and Jennifer Horton. He did everything in his power to destroy them, too. So, his body count may have been low, but that wasn’t for lack of trying. Auntie Viv was still plenty proud of her little bundle of evil.

Kristen Blake DiMera (1993-1998; 2012-Present)

Some gals might have a pa·per-mâ·ché box full of old love letters and trinkets to remember past loves. Kristen? Well, she has a secret room filled with relics that would make the Donner Party seem like a fun road trip. Still, if you set aside the fact that she tried to kill a few enemies, faked a pregnancy, and drugged/raped a priest, she’s actually -- nope, she’s still a pretty wicked woman who’s mastered revenge and manipulation. So, sorry E.J. and Andre, but Kristen is evil enough that she could easily take over the reigns of the DiMera Boys Club, and no one would notice that Stefano was no longer in control. Yep, she’s that bad. And to think, she was once an upstanding social worker and devout Catholic, but to quote James Leer from the movie, Wonderboys, “When we [Catholics] fall, we fall hard.” Amen!

Ernesto Toscano (1989-1990)

At a time, Victor Kiriakis and Ernesto were friends. That didn’t last long. Once Ernesto found out his wife, Loretta, had an affair (and child) with Victor, all bets were off. He became a dangerously deranged man hell bent on revenge. After killing Loretta, Ernesto ventured to Salem to take care of Victor and his loved ones. He attempted to kill Bo, and didn’t even spare innocent Isabella, whom he raised as his daughter. In fact, Ernesto was so evil that DAYS devoted an entire storyline to his quest for revenge. Called the Cruise of Deception, he tried to kill all of his enemies in one fell swoop. His attempt to do so by blowing up the ship didn’t work, but amateur magician Ernesto still had a trick up his sleeve – he kidnapped Hope and suspended himself and her in a cage above a vat of acid. In an iconic DAYS moments, the cage exploded, sending him and Hope to their deaths. Well, Hope didn’t die, but perhaps Ernesto was a great magician -- he disappeared that day never to be seen again. We think...

Trent Robbins (2008)

This daddy dearest was a good friend of Lawrence Alamain who agreed to take Melanie away from Carly and raise Mel as his own. That is, if one “raises their own” by piling up gambling debts and then sending the child to pay off the debts with sexual favors. He didn’t do any better with his biological son, Max Brady, whom he beat repeatedly and also made Max watch beatings of his mother. Once Max ran away and Melanie left for boarding school, Trent found a new outlet for his control addiction -- teenage bride, Nicole Walker. Nicole was so tormented by the abuse that she left in the middle of the night without ever filing for divorce for fear that he would track her down. Finally, this dude was so heinous that he actually got himself murdered in a cemetery and suspects included: Max, Melanie, Nicole, Nick Fallon, Caroline Brady (!), and Claude (an unpaid bookie). Well, why be good when you can be popular, right, Trent?

Andre DiMera (1981-1996; 2002-2009)

Well, we can start with the fact that he wasn’t so much a real human as he was a clone engineered for maximum DiMera destruction. Stefano was so ticked that Tony wasn’t living up to the bad-guy standard that Stefano gave his nephew plastic surgery to look just like Tony and banished Tony to an island. We can add on the fact that Thaao Penghlis has the best sinister grin this side of the Joker. And we can finish with the fact that he managed to make clowns even creepier! The body count he left behind is too huge to measure. No wonder he pulled his own plug to keep from getting caught.

Victor Kiriakis (1985-1997; 1999-2004; 2004-Present)

Long before Stefano was Stefano, Victor was Stefano. He even mastered the coming-back-from-the-dead thingy. A swashbuckling action villain, Victor was part Greek god and part crime underlord. He ran a drug/pornography ring in Salem, offed (or attempted to off) more than a few enemies, and had a knack for holding onto interesting information until the right blackmail opportunity presented itself. While he’s not as active in the bad guy business as he used to be, he’s certainly as lethal if crossed. So, it’s best to approach the big guy with ouzo, rather than threats.

Vivian Alamain (1992-2000; 2009-2011)

You can still almost hear Viv’s gleeful giggles. You know the ones were talking about. The ones that tickled her funny bone as she rolled around on Carly Manning’s grave. Only, Carly wasn’t dead when Vivian had her buried. And Maggie wasn’t dead when Auntie Viv shoved her in a sarcophagus. Yep, she’s buried two people alive. You’d think that would be the zenith of her misdeeds, but you’d be wrong. She’s stolen an embryo, killed/attempted to kill a few people, she's -- actually, if there was a dirty deed to be done, Vivian proudly has it highlighted on her résumé. You’d think a lady like her would be spending an eternity in jail, but, thanks to her faithful manservant-turned-sugar-daddy, Ivan, she managed a happy ending after making so many lives miserable. Vivian 1; Karma 0.

The Devil (1994-1995)

There are few people who can actually use the excuse, “The devil made me do it.” Marlena Evans is one of them. She was literally possessed by Diablo, but we don’t have to tell you that. Every DAYS fan knows about that satanic storyline that rocked the soap world in the mid-nineties. In fact, it seems even non-soap fans can tell you a little something about that infamous plot. How many times have you stated you watch DAYS, and someone replies, “Oh! Is that the show were that woman was possessed? I watched it back then.” So, even we can’t dispute that the devil is the evil of evilest beings, or that Satan possessing an upstanding psychiatrist put DAYS back on the mainstream map (for better, or worse). And for that, we say, thank you, Mr. Beelzebub.

And with that, we’re all off to pray, throw salt, and do as many good deeds as possible (including writing our regular Two Scoops columns). If you’re brave enough, tweet us @LaurisaDays or @Tony_S_Days more selections or add your choices to the comments section below. But, beware that we cannot protect you if you name names. Good luck.

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    Once again and mightly one can out top Stefano DeMira....bravo!!!
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    Andre was on the show in 1983-1984, 1993-1995, 2002-2005 and 2007.