Summer of Sinners: Schemers We Love

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While the characters on this list are all criminals, these baddies don't revel in schadenfreude. Nope, they’re more goal-oriented villains, if you will. They protect the innocent, get revenge on legitimate targets, land that special someone, or just steal an honest living. These bad guys have a cause we can mostly support and a spunk that we certainly admire!

Craig and Nancy Wesley
(Craig: 1997; 1998-2003; 2005; 2009
Nancy: 1998-2003; 2013)

He was an ambitious doctor. She was his even more ambitious wife who thought that he should be chief of staff. The only things that stood in their way were those pesky Horton siblings, Mike and Jennifer. As we all know, situations like that call for ample usage of drugging, suggested sexual assault, and good ol’ fashion rumor starting. Go ahead. Act like you wouldn’t do the same to get a job in this economy.

Linda Patterson (1970-1971; 1975-1980; 1982; 1984-1985)

With a thirst for love and power, Linda made her way through the Horton men like a dieter through a box of chocolates. She had flings with Tommy, Mickey, Bill, and even a young, sexually-confused Mike. But seduction wasn’t Linda’s only skillset. She tasted power when she took over her husband’s business. And when she believed Melissa Horton was standing in the way of gaining more, Linda did the only natural thing – gaslit Melissa. When Melissa crossed the line again, Linda just had to drug Melissa’s fella and staged it to appear that he slept with Linda. Makes sense, right? Oh, did we mention that Linda is Melissa’s biological mother? Well, here's to involved parents!

Larry Welch (1983-1985; 2002-2003)

Many have tried and failed to come between Bo and Hope over the years, but Larry set the bar. This handsome, corrupt district attorney was also connected to some of Salem’s most powerful crime lords. But Larry's scheming side shone out when he attempted to marry Hope. Bo thwarted his first nuptials with her. Y'all know about the famous motorcycle get-away. But that didn’t stop Larry from blackmailing and threatening Hope to marry him later. When evidence of Larry’s shady dealings emerged, Hope got her divorce. Yet, Larry never fully got over her and made Bope’s life miserable for years to come. He framed Hope for murder and later kidnapping her. But since we’re all a little obsessed with Hope too, we can’t really blame him for having good taste!

Kate Roberts (1993-1995; 1996-present)

On paper, Kate should be a frail mess of a woman -- an abusive first marriage, the prostitute past, and never quite finding “The One.” But yet, this Samantha Jones of Salem picked herself up by her stiletto bootstraps and started her life over. She and her ‘tude climbed many corporate ladders to her own C.E.O. chair. Not only that, but she’s darn sure that she’s got enough credit in the Karma Bank to cover her kids. Cheat on one of her babies and it’s poisoned brownies and coma city for you, sister!

Peter Blake (1993-1996; 1997-1998)

When dashing, but dishonest Peter met good-girl Jennifer Horton he tried to change his wily ways. He tried to be a better man. He tried to find a way to make an honest living. He tried to sell his drug business. Well, he tried. Unfortunately, his attempts to better himself only made things worse and he went into scheming overdrive. To cover up his drug-dealing past, he tried to drive Laura Horton insane and killed a man to keep his secrets hidden. Stefano’s influence didn't help (shocker!) and, because of that, Peter hired someone to kill John Black, among other sinister acts. When Jennifer finally saw Peter for who he really was, their romance ended and Peter fell into madness. You know the old saying, “If you can’t have the girl, abduct her and try to kill her and her loved ones.”

Emma Donovan (1985-1986)

Kimberly Brady certainly had enough problems to deal with when Shane’s presumed dead wife, Emma, burst onto the scene. At first, the feisty Brit was under the mind control of a nefarious criminal mastermind and was ordered to kill Bo and Hope at their wedding. Then, she made it her mission to reunite with Shane. As part of her plan, Emma married fellow “Schemer We Love” Alex Marshall so she could stay in the country and then even teamed up with powerhouse baddie, Victor Kiriakis, who wanted Kimberly for himself. With Victor, the two resorted to many malicious manipulations to keep the lovers apart, but it was Emma alone who took advantage of a blind Kimberly, nearly had her blown up, and tricked her into signing adoption papers that kept Kimberly separated from her newborn son for months. It’s no wonder that when Emma was found dead, the suspect list was the place to be!

Lucas Horton (1993-2001; 2002-2010; 2012-present)

It may seem easy to think of him as the boy that never grew up. But we submit that he’s actually the kid who had to be the “man of the house” way too young. Even as a teenager, his mother often leaned on him for part of her scheme. (See: #4) As a result, he spent a good chunk of his adult life with a sense of entitlement and a penchant for keeping secrets. Just ask Carrie how she lost High Style and the love of her life in the same swoop or Sami how she ended up on death row. Still with his devilish smile, we can’t help but love Lucas, shady past and all.

Sami Brady and E.J. DiMera
(Sami: 1984-1992; 1993-present
E.J. 1997-1998; 2006-present)

Extremely qualified schemers in their own right, when these two join forces, they’re utterly entertaining. It started way back when they teamed up to fool a deportation agent into believing that they really did have this deep love for each other, despite the fact that they kinda hated each other. Well, not only did they convince him, but each other and pretty much the entire DAYS audience that their super hot evil forces should be joined together in unholy matrimony forever. Two kids, numerous fights, and matching his-and-her murder arrests later, we’re still gaga over this scheming pair.

Nicole Walker (1998-2006; 2008-present)

Nicole is another one whose terrible childhood could have easily led her down the path of hard-luck ladies. But instead she employs an intriguing blend of spunk and good humor as she schemes her way to the ultimate prize -- to be loved. So, yes, she may have snatched a few babies, tried to kill a few billionaires, blackmailed a few doctors, and showed up drunk in a wedding dress to her ex’s wedding. But, we submit that’s a small price to pay for finding a fella who sees Nicole for the fabulously flawed hellcat that she is!

Alex Marshall (1979-1987)

Charming. Dashing. Conniving. A snake in the grass. A real son-of-a-bitch. Yep, those are terms that could easily describe the charismatic Alex Marshall. If there was an opportunity to be had, he took it. By “took it” we mean he’d resort to every underhanded trick in the book including marrying a woman for her money (which he did several times), stealing designs, torching businesses for insurance money, and aligning himself with any seedy crime lord who could get him what he wanted. He did have his soft spots though, especially when it came to his daughter, Jessica, and his love for Marie Horton. Sill, Alex was a schemer through and through, and thanks to Quinn Redeker’s legendary take on the role, Alex was certainly one we loved to hate!

So there you have it! Obviously, these people are dangerous. But, are we crazy for thinking that they’d also be a blast to hang out with? How fun would it be to get their advice that certain coworker/relative/boss/neighbor? Which spectacular schemer (on this list or otherwise) would you like to have on your side – tell us or tweet us - @LaurisaDays or @Tony_S_Days

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    Good list. This show needs a new "Alex Marshall" type of character