Michelle Stafford interview August 5, 2013

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Nick and Phyllis together and I am devastated that Michelle Stafford is leaving the show again. I am so relieved that they are not killing Phyllis, leaving Stafford the option to return if she wants to. I don't want anyone else playing Phyllis. They tried recasting the role many years ago and that was a disaster...there is only one actress who play Phyllis and that's Michelle Stafford, the best actress on daytime. I was one of the fans who wondered why she left, was very upset to see her go, and I wouldn't believe it was for the reasons she was stating after I read her interview in SOD. I was absolutely convinced there was just some reason she wasn't telling us about. Well she did say there were a few personal reasons she wasn't going to share, but after reading this article I agree, everyone who wonders why she left needs to read this article, and understand what she is saying. I totally get it now. This was a professional decision by a very talented actress who basically wanted to spread her wings and do something new. I totally get it now after reading this, and understand where she is coming from. Thank you so much edaem for posting this link. Michelle Stafford is a force to be reckoned with, absolutely one great broad!!! I LOVE that she didn't let people put her in all the little boxes they thought she should contain herself in, and that she is true to herself. GOOD FOR HER!!! She seems very comfortable in her own skin! And I am so happy that she has the child she so desperately wanted. And she had the courage to do it the unconventional way, good for her!! I wasn't going to watch her web series because I was stubborn, like I want her on Y&R!!! But after reading this article, I am going to watch it with much anticipation, I can't wait!! I hope Michelle Stafford is crazy successful in all her future endeavors. And thank you Michelle for all the great acting these past 15 years.

Kiss Set List Monday August 5, 2013

1. I Stole Your Love
2. Let Me Go Rock N Roll
3. Hell Or Hallelujah
4. Strutter 2013
5. Deuce
6. C'mon And Love Me
7. Wall Of Sound
8. Domino
9. Take It Off
10. Outta This World
11. War Maching
12. Long Way Down
13. Going Blind
14. Crazy Crazy Nights
15. God Of Thunder
16. The Devil Is Me
17. All For The Love Of Rock And Roll
18. Hotter Than Hell
19. Psycho Circus
20. Take Me Down Below
21. Lick It Up
22. Calling Dr. Love
23. Love Gun
24. Firehouse
25. I Want You
26. Shout It Out Loud
27. I Love It Loud
28. Detroit Rock City
29. 2,000 Man
30. Makin Love
31. Heaven's On Fire
32.Got To Choose
33. King Of The Nighttime World
34. Parasite
35. 100,000 Years
36. Forever
37. I Still Love You
38. Rock Bottom
39. God Gave rock 'N' Roll II
40. Black Diamond
41. Rock 'N' Roll All Night

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