DAYS’ Top 10 Wicked Hot Witches and Short-Lived Villainesses! (Part 1)

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Welcome back to the Summer of Sinners! Last month, we blogged about some of Salem’s “Hunky Henchman And Other Dodgy DAYS Guest Star Baddies.” Well, naughty girls need blogs too. So, now we’re focusing our Two Scoop powers on those wild women and witches who’ve raised some hell in Salem.

Of course, not every villainess -- or, as we like to call them, “misunderstood ladies” -- can reach the über status of Vivian, Kristen, Kate, Sami, or Nicole. Still, that doesn’t negate the evil deeds of these ten nefarious women who’ve roamed Salem’s streets over the years. Perhaps they didn’t stick around as long as others, but they sure did leave lasting scars from their razor-sharp claws! In no particular order, let's run them down!

Tamara Braun as Ava Vitali (2011)

You know how those tricky soap writers like to invent a new character in order to rewrite history? (Uh-huh, they do that sometimes!) Well, future writers should look back and study the Ava Vitali ark for how to accomplish this feat brilliantly. Ava was so good at being crazy that we couldn’t help but fall for her. Like, we totally forgive her for tying up Kayla, Steve, Bo, and Hope! Her adorable friendship with Nicole didn’t hurt either. Add in a believable back story (she snapped when she heard her dad confess to killing her mom and dad kept her drugged for years to suppress her memory) to support her blend of crazy and hand the whole thing over to the endlessly talented Tamara Braun and you’ve got yourself an Emmy winning storyline.

Marie Alise Recasner as Nurse Lynn Burke (1994-1998)

Without Nurse Lynn, Will Horton might have known his paternity right away. Although it’s hard to remember when Sami wasn’t plotting her own schemes, Lynn was actually the one who gave Sami the idea to drug a guy and sleep with him. Yep, Austin can thank Lynn for that. Conversely, the nefarious nurse knew how because she did the same thing to a guy years before! That wasn’t Lynn’s only dirty deed, though. She also blackmailed Sami and Lucas, canoodled with Kate, and kept Laura Horton drugged into a catatonic state as per Stefano’s orders. With that laundry list of misdeed, it’s no wonder she mysteriously disappeared. I think someone should check that secret room in the DiMera Mansion again.

Shannon Tweed as Savannah Wilder (1985–1986)

Sexy Savannah Wilder was no slouch. She went head to head with some of Salem’s most powerful men, such as Victor Kiriakis and Alex Marshall, and did so while looking all shades of ‘80s glamorous. But, she was a cold-hearted crime lord at heart. In addition to some ballot tampering, Savannah also operated a very successful drug and pornography ring. Once, to prove she wasn’t a pushover, when one of her flunkies grew a conscious and wanted out, she kidnapped his diabetic niece until he gave in and continued to do her bidding. I’d say she made her point. We’re not messing with you, Savannah. Nope not at all! Slowly backing away from the sexy, but scary lady in five, four, three, two…

Rachel Kimsey as Meredith Hudson (2009)

There’s a special place in Two Scoops hell for us since we selected Meredith solely on the fact that she clobbered Rafe with a brick and then tried to wall him up. But we’re okay with that. We just feel bad for the poor brick. We kid! We kid! Well, sort of. What we can add is this: When Stefano paid for her to come to town, Meredith gave something to fans the character of Rafe was sorely missing. No, no. Not a bonk to the head. We’re talking about a glimpse into his mysterious past. You know, the past that still hasn’t been explained, but centers around a dead fiancée that he may, or may not have, accidentally killed. Yep. We’d still like to know about that. At the very least, we’d love to hear crazy Meredith’s version of the story again. Something tells us it would be as entertaining as the last time.

Cheryl-Ann Wilson as Megan Hathaway (1984-1985)

Kristen should be leery. Stefano doesn’t have a good track record with keeping daughters alive. Renée, Lexie, and Megan have all gone to the big chessboard in the sky. But what Megan did leave was a trail of hurt in her wake. She sprung into Salem wanting her ex-boyfriend back. Oh, that guy was Bo Brady! And he was with Hope at the time. So, what’s a girl to do? Naturally, Megan claimed she gave birth to Bo’s child and gave it up for adoption. When that plan backfired she went to the next logical choice – she schemed to slay Hope. That didn’t go well, either. Megan ended up dead in a hot tub instead. But Hope was hysterical when blamed for Megan’s murder. So, there’s that.

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