DAYS’ Top 10 Wicked Hot Witches and Short-Lived Villainesses! (Part 2)

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We're so glad you made it! If you haven't checked out part 1 of our list of Wicked Hot Witches, get to it now! Otherwise, read your own risk...

Sandra Robinson as
Dr. Charlotte Taylor (2008-2009)

The daughter of Marlena’s professional mentor, this blonde bombshell came to Salem to help John regain his memories. But it turned out that she ranked exceptionally high on the hot/crazy scale and ended up jumping out -- Mike-Meyers style -- from behind the couch with a loaded syringe and landed right in John’s neck. So, she was hauled off to jail. Truth be told, if Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall weren’t so unceremoniously shown the exit door, there’s no telling what would have happened to Dr. Charlotte Taylor. Our sincerest sympathies, Roman.

Regina Gleason as Kitty Horton (1967-1969)

Oh, Kitty, Kitty! She proved that just because you have the last name Horton, you’re not necessarily a pillar of the community. Granted, she had the name “Horton” because she married Tommy Horton, Jr., but she definitely didn’t act like Tom and Alice’s other daughter-in-laws Maggie and Laura. Nope. Kitty was a scheming lioness. When she returned to Salem, still believing Tommy was dead, she had flings and affairs, which actually continued once she found out her not-so-dead husband was an alive amnesiac who had facial reconstruction surgery. Surprisingly, Tommy didn’t like his wife chasing other men. So, to get herself out of that hot mess, Kitty used her family’s history with coronary issues and faked a heart attack. Eventually, Tommy exposed her deceit and divorced her, but Kitty stayed connected to the Hortons. She went on to blackmail Bill with the truth of Michael’s paternity (that he was Bill’s son, not Mickey’s). When Bill had enough, he confronted Kitty who, ironically, died of a heart attack shortly after the altercation leaving Bill as suspect in her death. Meow!

Amy Stock-Poynton as Britta Englund (1986)

It’s really a tale as old as time with Britta. She was a young, beautiful ex-Soviet spy who met up with two American boys in Stockholm. The three of them become best of friends, but tensions arouse when the boys both fall for the girl. The girl ends up with boy one. And eventually boy one found her in bed with boy two, at which time a knife fight broke out and one loses an eye. Yep. That’s how Steve Johnson became “Patch,” otherwise known as “guy two” in this twisted tale. Who’s guy one? None other than Bo Brady! So, in 1986 when Britta came to Salem, emotions ran high for these three former pals who once got matching dagger tattoos and had the mantra, “Three together, three forever.” Britta caused hardship for Bo’s relationship with Hope, but also for Steve, who still carried a torch for her. She loved him, but came to Salem to do more than rekindle an old romance. Britta knew the tattoos they shared were actually a secret key to a fortune. Wanting to keep it for herself, she killed two men who knew about the key. Making matters worse, she was also Victor Kiriakis’s bad side, which was not exactly the place to be back in the eighties. With so many shady dealings, it’s no wonder she ended up six feet under.

Andrea Hall-Lovell as Samantha Evans (1977, 1979 to 1980, 1982)
Deidre Hall as Samantha Evans (2008)

Sami’s, well, “Sami-ism” is usually attributed to the trauma she suffered as a child. However, we can’t help but feel that part of her spunk could be attributed to her namesake, Aunt Samantha Evans, who truly embodied the idea of the evil twin. Technically the younger sister, Samantha showed up in Salem as the always popular bad guy combo -- a drug-addict-turned-mental-patient with the goal of assuming her sister’s identity. She did such a good job at impersonating Marlena that Mar Mar’s own fiancé couldn’t tell the difference! Like all good sisters, these two eventually patched things up and for good measure, Samantha even politely showed up as a ghost to give Marlena advice later in life. Ah, we love a ghost story with a happy ending!

Philece Sampler as Renée DuMonde (1980-1983)

Renée’s biggest crime, you know, if you can call it that, was trying to kill Anna DiMera. We’re glad she didn’t succeed. We love Anna! But digress. Renée was a spitfire through and through. Ironically, one of most epic moments was her last act of fierceness. She threw a party. A big party! She invited everyone in town. And like any good hostess she shocked everyone by announcing her divorce to her new husband, troublemaker Alex Marshall, and then proceeded to tell off all of her guests, including the Hortons. (Do yourself a favor and spend 5 minutes watching it!) It’s too bad she was murdered shortly afterwards because we’d love to see what kind of hell she’d raise if she was still around Salem. Then again, she is Stefano’s daughter. And Phoenixes always rise, right?!

And that’s our list of “DAYS’ Top 10 Wicked Hot Witches and Short-Lived Villainesses!” We’d like to give special props to several other bad to the bone beauties who narrowly missed being on our list like Marina Toscano, Lisanne Gardner, Stella Lombard, Stehpanie Woodruff, Lee Dumonde, Daphne DiMera, and, of course, Linda Patterson. Honestly, we were afraid not to give them their dues. But don’t count them out! We have several more blogs planned for the Summer of Sinners, so you never know where one of these lethal ladies might pop up!

Who are you afraid of? Tell us who you’d add to our list by entering feedback below, or via Twitter -- @Tony_S_Days and @LaurisaDays. And, be sure to check out our weekly Two Scoops columns!

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    Ali McIntyre, the crazy nurse that sued Mike for sexual harassment and kidnapped Carrie.