Salem's top 10 hunky henchmen and other dodgy days guest star baddies!

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Welcome, one and all, to the official Summer of Sinners! Yep, all summer, we’ll be posting Top 10 Lists of our favorite baddies including those we loved, hated, and would never want to meet on the pier. (Assuming we would ever go to the pier alone, which of course we would never do!) So, let’s get started with the first #DAYSSOS

You know that old cliché about falling for bad boys? Yah, that’s totally true! Especially when some of the bad guys are smoldering, Grade-A soap studs. We mean, just look at E.J. and Andre, for goodness sake.

Sadly, not every delicious evildoer can hang around Salem forever. Some of them are just tumbleweeds rolling through town to stir up trouble, and others are only on to occasionally assist our resident villains. And yes, some of them lacked the definite charm of Bart and Dr. Rolf. But none of that negated their hunkiness.

So, your faithful DAYS Two Scoopers somehow mustered up the strength to do the arduous task of listing some of our favorite hunky henchmen and other dodgy DAYS guest star baddies. Enjoy our list, and feel free to tell us about your own favorite guest baddies in the comment section!

Steven Bruns as Marco, DiMera henchman (2009 - 2011)

There are scarier things in life than to look over your shoulder and find this guy. Just saying.

Caleb Hunt as
Andrew Stark, Hernandez henchman (2012)

Sure, sure. He was an escaped mental patient who Gabi hired to pretend-stalk her. And, sure, he kidnapped Melanie and drugged her a bit. And, sure, said kidnapping may have set off a chain of events that inadvertently blew up some of Salem. But he looked good being so bad! It’s no wonder your DAYS Two Scoopers affectionately nicknamed him “Andrew van Hottie.”

Wes Ramsey as Owen Kent, DiMera henchman (2009)

It’s rare for us to connect so quickly to a villain. But Owen was an intriguing blend of Lenny from Of Mice and Men meets Jason Morgan from General Hospital. Add in Wes Ramsey’s genuine chemistry with Shelley Hennig, and there was a small part of us that rooted for Stephanie and Owen to be cool after this was all over. After all, what’s a little morgue drawer captivity between friends?

John Callahan as Dr. Richard Baker, Nicole Walker’s Coconspirator (2008-2009, 2010)

It’s the classic comedic tale that we all know -- boy with gambling problem meets girl with lying problem, girl blackmails boy into stealing another girl’s baby, boy comes back to blackmail girl. HA! That gets us every time. Okay, seriously, Dr. Baker was probably not supposed to be as enjoyable as he was. But thanks to some stellar comedic chemistry with Nicole, the show not only brought Baker back from the dead, they used him as the sidekick in another storyline with a totally different DAYS darling. Not bad work out of the good doctor, we say!

Lorenzo Caccialanza as Nico, Kiriakis Henchman (1988 - 1991, 1999 -2000, 2002-2003, 2005-2006)

When Victor needed someone he trusted to handle a delicate situation, he called his right-hand man, Nico. They’ve been together since the ‘80s, and while Nico hasn’t been seen around in the last few years, Victor still occasionally mentions him. We’d like to think he’s just on a super special assignment -- or hiding from Maggie.

Jackson Davis as Phelps, Quinn Hudson’s henchman (2011)

You mean the lady with a pattern of bagging shaggy-haired dudes like Bo and Daniel didn’t even bother to notice this pile of floppy-haired goodness? The lady must have been on drugs. Oh, wait. Our bad. But she’s clean now, and that’s what counts! Nancy Reagan would be so proud, Doc Manning.

Trivia Bit: Before Cody Longo was cast and appeared as Nicholas Alamain in August 2011, Jackson Davis was the voice of Nicholas when Carly phoned her estranged son in April of that same year. He didn’t appear as Phelps until July, but with a face like his, we’re sure glad he did!

Dimitri Lekkos as Dimitri, Kiriakis Henchman (2011)

Victor is never a man to be one-upped, and we’ll pretend that means never letting Stefano snag all the hunky henchmen in Salem. Dimitri might not have been around for too long, but he certainly made an impression on us -- and protected Victor’s assets in the process. We consider that a win/win.

Erik Fellows as Troy Winston, DiMera henchman (2009 - 2011)

He started off as Arianna’s drug dealer friend. But, the guy was way too good-looking to get away that easy. So his story wound around to Troy taking the fall for E.J. as the town drug lord and then getting a spot in the coma ward next to Jan Spears. Congrats, Jan. We could think of worse faces to wake up to.

Side note: We still think if DAYS can’t lure back Jason Cook or Brandon Beemer, then Erik would be a great Shawn-Douglas recast! And we’re not just saying that because we want to see his hunkiness again. Well, partly because of that!

Sean Douglas as Vargas, Nick Fallon’s cell mate (2013 – present)

Perhaps the scariest thing about Vargas is that by his first real scene, he had more of a backstory than characters who’d been on DAYS for years. (We’re looking at you, Gabi!) We knew that he’s a hardened criminal who doesn’t like snitches and perhaps has a knack for the con man trade, as he seemed to know exactly how to get into Father Eric and Detective Brady’s good graces.

Bren Foster as Quinn Hudson, Kate Roberts' henchman (2011 -2012)

Are we at all shocked that Kate handpicked probably the best-looking henchman around? Ah, no. We’d expect nothing less from our gal. And for the purpose of this scheme -- get daffy Chloe in bed with a hunk -- it really wasn’t going to take more than a pretty face. (The accent was a bonus, and thanks for that, too, Kate!) Luckily, as Quinn worked in conjunction with another favorite baddie, Dame Alamain, we got to see that Quinn actually does have a softer side. Sure, there was this weird throwaway plot where he ended up being Viv’s son, which made Gus go bonkers and cut hookers. But we choose to remember him as the hunky henchman that was all-in bad, but then grew a heart for both Chloe and Carly.

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  1. cookie222's Avatar
    loved them all and hope to see Nico again
  2. Jerrica21's Avatar
    I'm kind of sad I didn't see Bart on the list, just a mention. He was my all-time favorite henchman, and he was hunky--in his own way. I missed the whole Andrew storyline. I just keep hearing about it on boards and the show, but I'm kind of sad I did, now seeing how hot he is/was. Vargas and Dr. Richard Barker are my favorite henchman from this list, mainly because they're the only ones I recognize, but despite that, they are memorable.
  3. Terrible Towel's Avatar
    Days has had it's fair share of good looking henchmen.

    How I wish Owen and Andrew were still henching around Salem.