The Dankies

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It is officially that time of year again, time for you, the soap fans, to pick the best of the year gone by in our world of soaps. The 2013 Dankies, soapcentral.com's Awards, are open for your nominations to help select the best actors, storylines, and more from the past twelve months.

Before you cast your nominations, please remember that this is not just about your favorites. This is your chance to help honor the best of the best. There are several categories where you can vote for your favorites -- characters, stories, and even the hottest male and female stars. So please don't make this a popularity contest. We often get that with the other "real" awards.

When you're ready to nominate, head over to http://boards.soapcentral.com/dankies -- and don't worry if you forget someone's names. We have links that will take you to our cast lists to help you out.

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  1. midwestdj's Avatar
    I, for one, am an awards show junkie. I love knowing who has won an award, hearing the speech and of course, disagreeing with the nominations and winners. That is why I love the Dankies. I get to vote for those who I feel are worthy in a variety of categories.
    This is a time when we as soap fans can come together and vote for those we feel have done the best in their respective fields and for this soap viewer, it's great.
    Thank you to Dan and Co. for giving us this opportunity to choose and vote.

    Viva La Dankies!!!
  2. Jupiter Jane's Avatar
    IA with midwest - I especially love the Dankies. Have missed being able to see my favourite soap stars on the Emmys the past couple of years. But I love the diversity of the Dankies.
  3. lexii314's Avatar
    Look forward to this every year