AMC Commentary - 2.23.09

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Kendall, Kendall, Kendall...that's all I have to say :)


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  1. lovin's Avatar
    Just a small comment, love your videos, I"m not savy enough to do one myself so Kudos to you

    Anyway, I think with Kendall, it's not that what Zack did was worse then what Kendall did ie. sex with Aidan vs kiss with Reese......for me it's the INTENT behind the action and the reason. Kendall had crappy written grief sex thinking love of her life is DEAD, right or wrong, ick factor or not she thought Zach was dead

    Now.......Zach just got back wife from 3 month coma (who is supposed love of life) and he kisses wife's sister's wife to be......deeply & with much tongue. That was a conscious betrayal of living wife (who has major trust issues BTW), Add this kiss to all of the lies, heart transplants, dead beloved brother, betrayal of Binx in creating said child w/o talking to sister and betrayal of beloved Zach ie. baby making with beloved sister and not consulting said wife leads to deep anger that Kendall is not expressing due to emtional over load & you have a great soapy reason for Kendall to see this as a reason for great great anger. All JMO
    Have a great day. (IMO)