Crazy Katie Confronts Steffy

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Scene: Spencer Publications Offices. As she promised Abbie, Steffy has shown up to turn in her board of directors resignation--and try to pick up some information that could be helpful to Dr. Jon's case before she does so.

As Steffy walks in, she's stopped by Allison, Bill's secretary, who's surprised to see her. Allison says, "Mrs. Spencer, were you expected this afternoon?" Steffy replies, "It's Ms. Forrester. And if your reaction is any indication, I assume not." Allison stammers, "It's just that you haven't been here since…well, since…" Steffy said, "Since my divorce? Yeah, I realize that. But I have some things still here in my office. I just came by to pick them up." Allison says, "Oh, really, you needn't bother. I could have everything packed up and sent wherever you like." Steffy responds, "It's no bother, and I'd prefer to pack my own things. If you really want to help, I could use a box or two." Allison really isn't sure she should be helping Steffy, but she decides she'd rather help her than deal with her potential reaction if she doesn't and says, "Yes, of course, I'm sure I can find something you can use." Steffy walks on past her toward her office and says,"Thanks. You can bring them down to my office when you do."

Steffy enters her office and stops to take a look at it for a moment. It really is impressive--Bill obviously went way out of his way to try and tempt her with it. But Steffy just shakes her head at what she sees, or remembers, and heads for the computer. She turns it on, pulls out a flash drive, plugs that in, and starts searching for files to download onto it. At first she seems to be finding what she's looking for, but then it's apparent she's beginning to hit roadblocks in accessing the appropriate information. She's quickly becoming frustrated, particularly since she knows she's working under a time limitation, as she doesn't want Allison to walk in on her working on the computer. Then she obviously hits the computerized version of the wall and knows it. She lets out her frustration with a "damn!", turns off the computer, and yanks out the flash drive and drops it in her purse. Just as she does that, she hears a voice behind her says, "What are you doing here?"

Steffy knows even before she turns around that it's Katie in the doorway--and an irritated Katie at that. Remembering Abbie's advice to avoid aggravating the situation for Dr. Jon's sake and her own, Steffy says very simply, "I'm cleaning out my office. I assume Bill might want the space for someone else now that I won't be working here any longer." Katie's mood improves somewhat with that announcement, and she sweeps into the office and looks around. She says with a sense of self-satisfaction that she knows will annoy Steffy, "Hmm…with a few changes, this might just suit me. I could use the extra room what with all the additional responsibilities I'll be taking on once Bill replaces you with me on the board. Of course, my style is much more sophisticated than this, but then Bill probably thought you'd be more comfortable in something with less class." Steffy ignores her and just keeps cleaning out the desk and arranging piles of her belongings on the desk, so she'll be ready when Allison arrives with the boxes. Katie looks over her things and says, "Those files better be personal. You take anything that belongs to Spencer Publications ,and you'll be arrested, just like your good friend was." Steffy bristles at Katie saying anything about Dr. Jon, but she keeps her mouth shut. Katie, however, realizes she's struck home with that last remark and adds, "Tell me, how's the good doctor doing now that everyone knows just exactly what he's really like?" Steffy, keeping her temper in check, says coolly, "I wouldn't know. And if you're curious, I suggest you contact his lawyer." Katie replies, "How would you even know he has a lawyer?" Steffy says just as coolly, "He's a smart man. If he's facing charges, even obviously bogus ones, I'm sure he'd hire a lawyer."

Katie says, "I wouldn't be so sure they're bogus. Tell me, what's it like to be besties with someone the whole world knows is a would-be rapist?" The constant attacks on Dr. Jon's character starting to get to her, Steffy replies, "And that's what's really bothering you, isn't it, Katie? That Jon chooses to spend time with me." Though she doesn't add, "and not you," the implication is clear, and Katie doesn't like it. She snaps back, "Yes, well, I wouldn't get too attached, because before long, he won't be spending time with you or anyone else. He'll be doing it--time, that is. And you won't be able to see him or talk to him, much less…well, what you normally do to keep a man. This time you're going to lose Steffy. You won't even be able to try to …" and then Katie breaks into a nasty, mocking parody of the song behind the Intimates video Bill and Liam found so fascinating "…'use what you've got to get what you want.'"

And finally, Steffy just can't hold back any longer. She maintains her cool tone and continues clearing out her desk, but she also unleashes her quicker, sharp-edged wit. Referring to Katie's Forrester line, Steffy says, "We can't all be 'goddesses' worshipped from much too far a-far. Tell me, Katie, how does it feel to be up on that pedestal? Little lonely, is it? Too bad Bill doesn't have a ten foot pole--maybe you'd get touched once in a while." Furious, Katie says, "I get touched. I get touched all the time. I'm plenty touched." Seizing the double meaning of "touched," Steffy replies, without even looking up from her work, "You said it, I didn't."

Steffy's demeanor and besting of her so echoes Bill's that it just enrages Katie. She sputters, "You…you…" She looks around the room for something to use against Steffy, goes over to a set of shelves near the office door, and grabs a heavy marble bookend from one of the shelves. As she does so, the books it was helping to hold in place slide to floor, and the noise causes Steffy to look up to see the infuriated Katie ready to heave the thing at her. Rather than duck or show fear, Steffy says calmly, "Go ahead, Katie, do it. Do it and you can find out how it feels to be arrested for assault. Only this time the charges will be real." Katie snarls, "You think I'm scared of you? I'm not. I could smash your head in, and not only wouldn't I go to jail, no one would care! Not even Bill." Then she corrects herself and says, "Especially not Bill!" Steffy says with a little more edge this time, "Then go ahead and do it, Katie. I dare you." When Katie hesitates, Steffy says, "Afraid, Katie? Of what? That I might be right or that you might be oh so incredibly wrong?"

With that, Katie really does go to fling the marble bookend directly at Steffy's head.

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  1. Dawn_s's Avatar
    I am all caught up with the story so far, Xyla and I really loved it!! Looking forward to the next few installments especially the confrontation between Bill and Steffy
  2. Xyla's Avatar
    Well, that's actually next, which I assume you'd have figured out already, since Katie was going to the office with Bill, and Steffy's there too.
  3. Dawn_s's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Xyla
    Well, that's actually next, which I assume you'd have figured out already, since Katie was going to the office with Bill, and Steffy's there too.
    Yes I guessed as much and I think a good confrontation between the two is always explosive and definitely very interesting. Will check this space out for their scenes together
  4. Xyla's Avatar
    I will say that the next installment is so long that the Bill and Steffy confrontation stuff will likely be in part two (or even three, if the blog gets fussy), because there's some exposition that leads up to it.
  5. BBstyle's Avatar
    Oh man, I was so disappointed when I clicked on "next" and it told me there wasn't one! Great job, Xyla...can't wait for Bill's reaction to "his beautiful" Steffy's face off with his Krazy Katie lol!
  6. Xyla's Avatar
    Well, actually there is a "next." I was just going to wait until tomorrow to post it. I'm trying to limit the posts to one a day, so that I can create a little bit of a backlog in case I don't have time to throw one together for a day or two.

    Bill and Steffy have it out soon, but the big confrontation between Bill and Katie over what happened in the office will come a couple scenes into the future because of something Katie does as a result of her confrontation with Steffy. It just takes a little while for Bill to find out about it.

    But before that, there's some more Dr. Jon and Steffy stuff that I'm kind of looking forwards to writing.

    I also think Krazy Katie Kat is much more fun than Doormat Katie or Constantly Nagging Katie.