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Absence makes The Brain Grow Saner

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I haven't been watching as often as I was when the new regime first took over on GH. I wish the show and it's fans all the success in the world but, if this is the direction they are taking the show, I won't be tuning in much longer. So far, the few positive changes have been outweighed and overwhelmed by what has *not* changed. The same s/ls and focus on certain characters that brought us to the point of teetering on the cancellation precipice in the first place continue unabated.

The mob plots are still front and center. Sonny and company should be a part of the GH portrait, not splashed over every inch of canvas. The s/l about Jason's brain surgery was pointless because it accomplished nothing: he's still the same. The desire to pander to the ego and whimsy of a film actor has led to some of the worst story-telling in this soap's history...and I was watching during the Malkuth s/l, lol. Franco needs to be forgotten as soon as possible. For me, having experienced the incomparable Erika Slezak playing the DID s/l on OLTL, this Kate/Connie routine is painful to watch. The GH actress is a perfectly adequate soap performer but this material needs a level of craft and ability that she sadly does not possess. Unless they are planning on having Ms. Slezak crossover her character, Victoria Lord Buchannon, and serve as a support system for Connie Falconutty...I'll pass.

I realise, as a longterm soap viewer, that casting unknowns is a daytime standard. They are cheap, replaceable, and occasionally you find a gem (cough*Genie Francis*cough). Recasting major roles with untried actors is a recipe for disaster...or disinterest. The seemingly interchangeable actresses (in appearance and skill) now playing Maxie and Kate are being asked to handle material that I feel is beyond their capabilities and it is bringing the show down even more. I used to tune in to see Maxie because she was portrayed in such a unique and refreshing way. The actress allowed the character to be unlikeable but was still able to find the vulnerability. The character is now being played as much more traditionally "soapy" and I no longer care what happens to her.

Too much screen time for the "mobbies", too few of the promised "fixes" being delivered, and too many characters being written *out of character*. The worst part about being so disappointed...again...in GH is that I set myself up *to* be disappointed...again. It looks like my viewing will continue to be sporadic, at best.

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