Dr. Jon Tells All

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Scene: Still by the pool. Steffy has just asked Dr. Jon if something else happened with Katie the night before, something he failed to tell her. She looks calm enough, but even in the dark, Dr. Jon can see the hurt underneath the calm, and he's regretting his last outburst immensely. But he's also remembering what Stephanie told him earlier: that everything was likely to come out sooner rather than later and it would be better--for him and for Steffy--if he told her all of it, no matter what it was, himself, before she heard it anywhere else.

Dr. Jon takes a deep breath to calm himself down and then he tells Steffy, "I think maybe you better sit down." Steffy replies evenly, "No, I think I'd rather stand." Dr. Jon looks at her, trying so hard to be calm, cool, and strong and says matter of faculty, "Why? So you can make a faster getaway if you don't like what you hear?" Steffy likes the implication that she's afraid about as much as Dr. Jon liked being called a coward, and without a word, she sits stiffly down on a nearby chaise lounge, her body language indicating that she's still bracing herself to hear something she really doesn't want to hear. Of course, Dr. Jon misses none of that and he begins as gently as possible, because he really doesn't want to hurt her, even if telling her the truth now seems the least hurtful of all other possibilities. Dr. Jon says, "Last night, on the phone, I told you that I ran into Katie at Bikini after you left. Or rather that she ran into me. And that she was drunk, too drunk to drive safely and too drunk for any cabbie to put up with her, so I drove her home, and once I got her there, I made her a cup of tea and then I left. And that it was all so embarrassing that I just wanted to forget about it. All of that--every word of it--is true." Steffy looks him directly in the eye and says, "But it's not all of it, is it?" Dr. Jon shakes his head and says, "No, it isn't." Steffy replies, with studied, forced casualness, "So what's the rest of it? Let's hear all the gory details." In spite of her flip remark, Dr. Jon recognizes that she's afraid she's going to be let down again, the way she's been let down in the past, and that makes him proceed very carefully. He takes a moment to compose his thoughts and then says, "When Katie got to Bikini last night, she was already drunk. And because she was drunk she was less inhibited, so when she saw me…" And Steffy interrupts and says, flatly, "She made a pass at you." Dr. Jon says, "Yes" and then pauses to try and figure out how to best go on, but as he does so, Steffy speaks again. She says, "Okay, so tell me. What did she do?" Dr. Jon, truly uncomfortable both with the topic and Steffy's false bravado about it, says, "Steffy, I…" She interrupts again and says, "Go ahead. I'm a big girl. I can take it. Hell, I've probably done worse myself." Dr. Jon says, "I doubt it." Steffy replies, "Don't be so sure." Realizing she's going to insist on the whole, unvarnished truth and that pausing anymore is just going to make it worse, Dr. Jon continues with his story. Dr. Jon says, "She said that as long as I was alone, and she was alone, we might as well be alone together. And then she kind of ran her fingers up my arm, so I pulled it away from her and told her that Bill had just left. But that didn't seem to bother her." Steffy snorts, "I bet not." Dr. Jon figures it's best to just ignore her comment and says," After that she tried to order some champagne, to celebrate Bill not being there, and then she lost her balance and started to fall off her bar stool. I caught her to help her back up and in the process, she started hanging onto me. I got her off me and back on her stool, but the next time it happened…" Steffy responds sarcastically to that with, "The next time? Katie was certainly on the top of her game, wasn't she?" This time, Dr. Jon does respond to her by asking, "Do you want me to tell you what happened or not?" and Steffy answers that comment with silence, which he decides to take in the affirmative and he continues. Dr. Jon says, "The next time it happened, it was deliberate. She wasn't so much falling as throwing herself at me. Or toward me, at any rate. I caught her again, sat her back down, and told her that she was married and she was drunk but that even if she were single and sober, nothing was going to happen, because I wasn't interested in her." And then Bill walked back in." Steffy can't help herself and says, "Bill? Why'd he come back?" Dr. Jon says, "Because he'd dropped his keys when he left the first time. I found them and had gone to the bar to turn them in. I guess I could have tried to catch him and return them to him in person, but I wanted to give you some time to get away." Steffy says, surprised, "Me?" Dr. Jon responds, "Yeah. I figured he was going to try and follow you, and I thought it was best if he didn't." Steffy doesn't say anything more, but she's touched that he was concerned about her safety. Jon continues, "Anyway, he must have heard me turn her down, because as he grabbed his keys, he told Katie that she was drunk and desperate and so pathetic that even I didn't want her. And neither did he anymore. Then he left again and she tried to follow him…" And remembering what he told her the night before, Steffy says, "And that's when she did the face plant in the sand." Dr. Jon confirms that and then says that she was determined to follow Bill, but he took her keys away from her and convinced her to let him drive her home instead. But when they got there, she started crying again and said she didn't want to be left alone. When he says that, Steffy says, "Of course she did. That's classic Katie: fall apart and wait to see who'll stop to put you back together again." To that, Jon says, "Maybe. I don't know. But she was such a mess, and she just kept going on about how stupid and pathetic and ugly she was and about how Bill was never coming back, that I guess I felt sorry for her." Steffy asks, "How sorry?" Ignoring the implication, Dr. Jon says, "Sorry enough to tell her she wasn't so much ugly as maybe hurt and confused and that if she'd just clean herself up and go to bed that things would look better the next day. And she said she'd do what I'd said, if I told her she was pretty." Steffy asks, "So did you?" Dr. Jon replies, "Yes. I did. At that point I would have told her she was the princess of Romania if it would have gotten me out of that house. Except then she said she would go to bed only if she could have a cup of tea first, so I told her to stay where she was, and I went in the kitchen and made her a cup of tea. Only when I came back, she wasn't just sitting on the couch anymore. She was lying across it. With her blouse open. And she told me because I'd told her she was pretty, she'd do anything I wanted her to do." At this point, Dr. Jon pauses, partially in embarrassment and partially to assess Steffy's reaction to that. Steffy says, quietly, "And how did you respond to that?" Dr. Jon replies, firmly, "I put her tea down on the coffee table, I told her I was out of there, and I left. I didn't want anything from her. I never did. All I wanted to do was get home and try to forget the whole thing ever happened. Only I couldn't, and I thought maybe if I talked to a friend I'd feel better. So I called you."

Steffy is touched by Dr. Jon's last comment, but all she says is, "And that's all of it? That's everything." Dr. Jon says, "Yes, that's everything. Except that it never occurred to me that Katie would try to use any of it to destroy my career." Steffy replies, "That's because you don't know Katie. Or Bill." Dr. Jon sighs and says, "I guess I don't. I mean, I suppose I can understand Katie feeling hurt and humiliated afterwards, especially since Bill had insulted her in public earlier, but why would she claim I assaulted her? Does she need to revenge that badly just because I turned her down?" Steffy says, "Probably not. But it may have helped her hold onto Bill. And Katie will do anything to hold onto Bill." Dr. Jon thinks about that for a moment and says,"So she thought if she lied about being attacked, Bill would feel sorry for her and not leave her? But he heard me turn her down at Bikini. Why would I turn her down, take her home, and then try to rape her? Why wouldn't I just take her up on her offer in the first place? Or was his male pride so hurt when he saw his wife propositioning another man that he's going along with her story so that she's the innocent victim, he's the supportive husband, and I'm the vicious attacker, because that helps him save face? Is that what this is all about?"

And then Steffy gets a good look at the hurt and confusion on Dr. Jon's face and realizes that he deserves an explanation or at least all the facts. She also absently fingers the pearls around her neck, and as she does so, she remembers what Stephanie told her about not lying about what really matters to the people who really matter to her. She thinks about what it cost Dr. Jon to tell her what happened the night before and decides that the least he deserves is to know what he's really up against and why his life has suddenly been thrown into chaos. She looks at him and says softly, "No, I don't think so. There are other things you don't know about. And I think it's time you did."

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  1. BBstyle's Avatar
    Oh boy, is Steffy going to confess all her misdeeds? cuz that could take a while lol! Well, thanks for keeping up with your s/l...I'm just about done with the real soap.
  2. Xyla's Avatar
    Yeah, it is a longer post, but it's not like she gives every little detail. She doesn't have to provide a blow by blow of her entire relationships with Bill and Liam to get the point across.

    I have that scene plus another one done. I'll post at least one of them directly. The Steffy confession is so long, though, that it might be two posts by itself.