Draft 3/29 The Bill and Ridge Relationship Novel Part 12, By Buffsan and Doc.

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Rick: "......" *steaming*
Thomas: "And by the way... Your man? I thought YOUR man was Chris?"
Rick: "Uh... well, EJ and I never really said our good byes..."
Thomas: "Never mind. If we don't hurry up, your step-brother-in-law/ex step-uncle will take off without us!"
Rick: "Like your step-father would ever leave without Ridge..." *rolls eyes, and points to limo*
Thomas: "What? Oh yeah..." *watches Ridge trying to get the scarf lose from the limo door... while turning blue in the face*

On commercial flight

Katie: "Have you contacted X yet about what to do?" *whispering*
Brooke: "Yes, a car is waiting for us and there will be an extra one on stand by, incase we have to shake off someone who's following us."
Hope: "What-about-Liam? Is he gonna be in the car too...? *slurrs*
Katie/Brooke: *Oops, forgot about him... Isn't he still in Paris??*

Brooke: "I'm sure he is sweetie!" *lying through her teeth*
Katie: "Where else would he be?" *crossing fingers that it will work*
Hope: "Oh good!!! Mom, will you have the pills ready for me when I met Liam?" *nodding off*
Brooke: "I sure will..." *WTF? Does she still needs pills for sex?*
Katie: "Brooke, don't you think it's time to take that maternity test we talked about?" *treading carefully*

Brooke: "What maternity test?" *clueless*
Katie: "You know..."
Brooke: "Oh! Ok."
Hope: "I want a baby by Liam!"
Brooke: "Of course darling, you will have one as soon as I get a turkey baster."
Katie: "Brooke, don't you think Hopes hips are too narrow to carry a child??? Wait? You are going to carry the kid?!" *unbelievable*
Brooke: "I'd do anything for my daughter! Now, when we get back we have to get the kid."

Katie: "If she even IS your daughter..." *rolling eyes and whispering to herself*
Brooke: "What?" *distracted looking for flight attendant*
Katie: "Oh, nothing..."

At the airport, Limo.

Thomas: "Dad? Just open the car door! The scarf will get loose that way." *yelling*
Ridge: *coughing*
Bill: "What the hell is taking you so long? I checked the luggage, and the jet is ready to go! Why is Ridge blue in the face?"
Ridge: "Uhm.... my scarf got stuck in the car door and I couldn't get it off...*sheepish*
Bill: "For god's sake Choclate Chip, I've told you a thousand times that those f-ing scarves are ugly and only good for using in the bedroom. Now you alomost managed to choke yourself with one? What are you? A child? Do you need to be supervised all the time?" *growling*
Rick: "Bill... I think we better board the plane... You could continue berating Ridge when we are in the air..." *castiously*
Bill: "For once you're making sense Ricky-boy."

Bill grabs Ridge by the neck boards the plane, with Thomas and Rick close behind them!

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  1. Doc.'s Avatar
    On the plane.
    Bill:hmmmmm......incense peppermint....*looks up*
    Ridge: Hey.
    Bill: What is that on your face?
    Ridge: I haven't exfoliated all day and i feel dirty.
    Bill: you look like a birthday cake with green icing.
    Ridge: Eucalyptus...
    Bill: What?
    Ridge: its Eucalyptus!
    Thomas and Rick look over
    Thomas/Rick: Uh ohhhh.
    Rick: Those two don't ever go a day without fighting.
    Thomas: Well its better than when he was married to Brooke all they did was have sex.
    Rick: and Brooke meddled in my life and strutted around FC like a queen.
    Ej: I though you were a queen Ricky.
    Thomas:...Tee..Hee..Ricky like the song Ricky Raccoon.
    Rick: How did you....Thomas!!!
    Thomas: What so i wanted to surprise you. enjoy your talk. *goes over to stop Ridge from putting eucalyptus on Bills face*
  2. Doc.'s Avatar
    Ej:So your dating again?
    Rick:Yeah so what's it too you?
    Ej: well as you know i am divorced now.
    Rick: I heard you were riding your ex-step son, Will.
    Ej: He needed comfort and affection that he wasn't getting at home so I gave it to him.
    Rick: sounds just like me.
    Ej: Oh, how so.....you were adored by mommy and daddy.
    Rick: Don't push it.*Grabbing Ej blue shirt*
    Ridge: Damn you Bill! that was my favorite shirt.
    Bill: That's what you get for ruining my favorite black belt!
    Ridge: What is it with you and Black? wear some color for once.
    Bill:The only time i wore something colorful was on our wedding day. I looked like a pinata.
    Ridge: Your hand will be your best friend for a while, Mister roboto.
    Bill: Lets see how long you can keep that resolve sweet cheeks. *pinches Ridges behind*
    Ridge:Yipe!! Not so ruff you Neanderthal!
    Bill: sounds like our second date.
    Thomas: wow I feel like I am going to be emotionally scarred for life. *shaking his head*
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