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My pet peeves with posting....

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I love SOC, the posters on it, and the various threads that pop up, but sometimes I absolutely marvel at the lack of appropriate grammar and spelling. I'm not a spelling/grammar snob by any means, as I frequently mispell crap all the time, or type way too fast and invert my letters often.....but man, oh man, times are a changing.

Here's my thing:

When making a post, don't talk about yourself in third person For instance, the renae1221 finds that utterly annoying, and she comes off as somewhat unhinged with reality because the renae1221 is seperating herself from the point of her post by intentionally choosing to remove her point of view by place it in from the perspective of another person talking about how she feels

Also, OMG U R so RGHT about _____ I <3 them like CRZY

I miss the English language. I get that internet speak is the new language of the days, I'm also just getting older and more irritable, but good old fashioned sentences are AWESOME.

See, when you capitalize stuff, it should be a word or a phrase (for emphasis), NOT A WHOLE FREAKING SENTENCE WICH GIVES OFF THE IMPRESSION OF BLATANT ANGER OR UNWARRANTED EXCITEMENT.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Sure, we don't have a spell check function here & that's cool, if we did, I'd be reminded repeatedly how often I slaughter the english language but vowels are pertinent to the legitmacy of a word. THS ISNT H0W U WRT3 A S3NT3NC3, LIKE ZOMG!

Another thing that I don't get: Why Do People Do This? Because It Really Annoys My Fingers To Always Have To Hit The Shift Key To Capitalize Each And Every Single Word....

My final pet peeve:

I freaking love so and so because they are so freaking awesome and this is how I feel about them because it's how it is....

I have reading glasses, I can see just fine, let's tone it down a notch, no?

Sorry if I've offended anyone (that isn't my intention). If you're guilty of any of these things, I get that it's your methodology and style of writing, I just miss simple communication that has a natural fluency and grace to it.

Then again, I still read actual books, watch black and white movies, walk to the store, and believe in cooking things from scratch I think I was born a few decades to late....

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  1. kristal1122's Avatar
    Much word.

    Whoops!!!! That's not really a sentence.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your post. It is hard to read threads when the flow of a post is thrown off by spelling, capitalization, and text speak.

    However, I do like the "new" short-hand. It's so much quicker when texting. I do believe that those who have been texting for years naturally write like that all of the time. When I grade papers at school, you woundn't believe the OMG's, likes U R, kristal1122 thinks, and vowel-dropping that students have in formal papers. It's attrocious and so is their spelling!!
  2. cheater1908's Avatar
    Yes I totally agree with you. The one that annoys me most is the third person one. Uggh, I hate that! You know what else I hate? When people say "fo sho" instead of "for sure". "For sure" is short anyway...why do people need to shorten it even more?
  3. D'Louise's Avatar
    I use the "preview post" button a lot.
  4. Rozzie's Avatar
    Hilarious. I feel the same way.