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[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=4][COLOR=darkorchid]I have wanted to give GL a new look and maybe higher ratings.Here is a SL I came up with awhile ago.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=4][COLOR=darkorchid]Cyrus & Lizzie start growing closer.Bill hates this and keeps getting "drunk".He finds that Grady actually kidnapped Lizzie and is furious!Lizzie heards who kidnapped her and demands if Cyrus know anything.Cyrus claims he doesn't.Lizzie tells Cyrus to bring his brother to her so she can confront him.Cyrus is relcutant but does her wish.Lizzie blows up at Grady and tells him to tell the cops or she will!Lizzie tells Bill she knows who kidnapped her but is still mad at him for the Ava thing,he didn't tell her he got his memory back and everything else he has done to her Lizzie orders Cyrus to give Bill papers that states he must back out of Spaulding-Lewis or he will be thrown and prison,she also hands him restraining order papers.Phillip reconnects with Beth while remiscing about their past.Phillip and Lizzie catch up and do some Spaulding work.Phillip tries to get Jon & Sarah back for Lizzie without luck.Phillip spends time with every single SF citizen trying to reconnect and talk.Shayne & Dinah grow together as friends as he & Edmund share stories of Lara.Lara didn't die and comes to SF with a baby in her arms!She was actually in a coma and had a baby boy and named him Adam Shayne.Shayne is thrilled and has marries Lara the next day!Cassie returns from Hawaii with R.J cause she can't stand being away from her family!Cassie is furious at Grady for taking her daughter's life and no justice,she sees Tammy's ghost more than she ever did around Grady!Bill goes to Cassie and tells her that Grady kidnapped Lizzie.Cassie says she has a plan for Grady.Grady and this Tammy look a like {her name is Jamie} stir up real trouble in SF for everyone around them!Cassie notifies Reva,which Reva calls Jon!Jon thinks Reva is telling him a lie to bring back Sarah but says he's on his way!Grady and Jamie run off and meet with Daisy to walk and talk.Cassie is enraged with Alan and Grady,she follows Alan to the hospital, dresses up as a nurse,drugs him and takes him to his car.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[SIZE=4][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=darkorchid]She drives around in Alan's car until she finds Grady,Jamie and Daisy,walking along a road, she runs them over,Grady, Daisy and Jamie survive,but Grady has life threatening injuries!Cassie then puts Alan in the driver seat with drugs next to him.Cassie thinks she ran over her not dead daughter! So she takes Jamie to Cedars,leaving Daisy and Grady behind. Cassie sneaks into the lab and finds out that she had identical twins, when Cassie realizies her rival must have stolen Jamie at birth. [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=darkorchid]Since Alan has his blood clot surgery in his brain.Everybody in Springfield thinks that Alan's visions are really from him being on drugs and the reason he is using is to get over the loss of his home,company and Gus.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=darkorchid]Alan is charged with running down Grady,Daisy and Jamie while under the influence of drugs and sentenced to prison.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=darkorchid]Cassie has finally gotten her revenge for Tammy & Lizzie!Grady and Daisy are severly injured, Alan in prison, then Reva calls Jonathan,and he says he is coming through her door now!Reva tells Jon everything about Rafe,her wedding,the bill problem,Lizzie's kidanpping,that she pregnant and everything that has been going on! He says holy $hit, I miss everything good!Reva and Sarah spend some quality time togther.Reva says they think Tammy is alive and at Cedars! Jon rushes over and finds out immedately that Jamie is not Tammy,the one he "loved" and Jamie pulls through her injuries! [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=darkorchid]Cassie,is happy that she still has part of Tammy! But Jamie just wants to raise more hell with Grady cause they understand each other!Jon doesn't really care becuase Jamie to him is NOT Tammy!Jon pays Alan a visit in the clink!Jon teams up with Alan to win Lizzie back while bill is in a coma!Alan plans to get Lizzie back to Jon,for a price!Alan wants to see Sarah whenever he wants but Jon immedately turns Alan down! Alan says once a week guarded vists with Sarah would even be fine! Jon is reluctant but agrees.Lizzie learns that Jon is back and tells Cyrus he can continue working for her and they can still be friends!Alan gets Lizzie back to Jon but now Alan says he can help with bill but Jon already has big plans for bill! Alan gets to see Sarah once a week guarded!Rafe is walking and finds Daisy, after she is hit by a car and risks being caught, Rafe takes Daisy to Cedars! Daisy is ok and Rafe proposes to her she says yes!Frank starts investigating in Alan's case and sees someone else's fingerprints.Frank and Natalia fall in love.Natalia gets pregnant.Jon and Lizzie start dating for a year and build a firm foundation for their relationship together!Jeffery gets all charges dropped on Rafe so he can stay in Springfield with Daisy.bill awakens from his coma without Lizzie there.bill is released.Jon,Lizzie and Sarah are walking on Main street when then run into bill.bill starts yelling at Jon from taking Lizzie's child again and Jon shoots back about him leaving Lizzie for Ava and "his" baby and Jon tells Bill what he did when Lizzie was pregnant {Jon-Tammy-Lizzie triangle} and Jon just blows up in bill's face about his reputaion,the govenor,paparazzi,media,the press,Lizzie and everything,leaving bill speechless!Lizzie is very moved by Jon's words about her and Sarah, although they changed his life, he still feels lucky to have them and loves them very much,though Tammy is dead,Tammy wanted him to move on and he knows now whats best.bill wants to take Lizzie home away from this but Jon immedately takes her and Sarah away! Lizzie and Jon plan a plot to get Spaulding back! Jon gives Lizzie a engagement ring and gets down on his right knee and starts by saying,now lets get this one right! His words make Lizzie cry, he tells her he is truly sorry for EVERYTHING he has done to her, the present and past and promises to do better as a husband for the present and future! Jon finally pops then question then bill storms in and starts yelling at Jon and tells Lizzie not to fall for Jon he will just trick her and hurt her again.Lizzie takes Sarah into the bathroom while Jon & bill battle.Jon gets fed up with bill and Jon punches bill out cold in the hall and slams the door. Jon goes back to Lizzie and asks her again and she says YES! Jon is thrilled and Sarah starts laughing!Reva finds out that the baby's father is Josh but hides it from Jeffery.Jeffery goes to Lillian to find out how Reva and the baby are doing and she says she can't give information to him. He asks why,Lillan says,"You are not the father,Josh is."Jeffery is stunned and confronts Reva.Reva confesses.Josh walks in on them arguing and Reva and Jeffery dump each other at the same time!Josh wins Reva back![/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=4][COLOR=#9932cc]Continued in next blog...[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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  1. Mcaito30's Avatar
    You have really got some great ideas! Love it!