Another Holiday Trama...sorta!

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On "This" Day Eight years ago, My Whole World as I knew it, got turned Completely Upside Down. My Sweet, Precious Sam was Lost to us The Last Day that I saw Sam alive was actually Thanksgiving morning so my wonderful, whimsical Ideas about Christmas have all been shattered, and Now, I look at the Christmas Holidays as 'something I need to get through.' The period between Thanksgiving and New Years has become what I refer to as "My Dark Period"...Today being my Darkest Day. I remember last year, watching AMC and (already having prepared myself for the Sad to come) and also crying almost Every day watching Kendall trying to keep it together for her boys!

I've been watching the repeat episodes of AMC and I'd been thoroughly enjoying them because 1.) It clarified things that I missed when the shows first aired 2.) it was as if AMC had not really gone off the air since it was returning in January. Of coarse that's All changed now! Today's episode was Very sad for me. Watching Johnathan grieving for Erin (this time) was just as difficult watching Kendall grieving Zach. ...And now I don't even have AMC2 to look forward to anymore. I've gone through so many different changes since AMC was born over forty years ago. It was like an old LOYAL friend that was Always there when I lost both my parents, when I first got married, when I got divorced and remarried again, through the births of All My Children and of coarse, the most challenging ...the Loss of my Precious Samantha! Through it All, My friend was there, every Mon through Friday at Noon. I live in the Midwest. To add more to this Sad story, I found out that Soapnet will be dropping the repeats soon! This is truly a Sad Day Indeed!

One thing that I did watch yesterday made me look at Zach in a totally different light. Kendall was very upset about Simone's death so Zach made her a bubble bath and he just held her as she soaked inside the tub grieving Simone It was a Very Beautiful and Loving Scene and so unlike the controlling person who use to treat Kendall like his child instead of his equal. That scene made me cry too. Of coarse, I've already been a sobbing mess anyway

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  1. rmv219's Avatar
    If tears could build a stairway,
    And memories a lane,
    I'd walk right up to Heaven
    And bring you home again.

    I Love and Miss You, Sam! I'm anxiously awaiting the day I can embrace You once again and we can Walk hand-in-hand in Heaven!
    Updated 12-03-2011 at 10:49 AM by rmv219