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That is what Chris brown did to a beautiful and talented woman.

Sure I have never been a fan of Chris but him and Rihanna were adorable together. I have read some sick comments on people defending Chris Brown and actually blaming this whole situation on Rihanna. A man has NO reason I mean NO reason to hit a woman the way Chris beat Rihanna. Even if she slapped you, he still didn't have to hit her...no I mean PUNCH her to the extenct.

I am disgusted and hope Chris gets whats coming to him cause right now hes just a monster in my eyes.

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  1. Daffodil's Avatar
    That poor girl! She looks awful! I feel so bad for her. No man should ever do that a woman!!! I hope he is sufficiently punished and doesn't get away with it because he is famous. Sad.
  2. babygurl112's Avatar
    I've never been a fan of CB, but he is pretty much dead to me after this. I hope RiRi presses charges against him...so of the comments made about her deserving this...make me sick.