Halloween in Salem Part 4!

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Welcome to the final installment of “Halloween in Salem!” If you haven’t already, be sure to head over to Laurisa’s blog for Parts 1and 2 or click here for Part 3!

Gabriela Hernandez
as Khloe Kardashian. Se’s our least favorite of the siblings, yet someone still lets her invade our television screens.

Marlena Evans
as Tammy Wynette. All together now, “Stand by your man…”

Caroline Brady
as Gordon Ramsey. You know she runs the back of the pub Ramsey-style. Go ahead, just try to serve undercooked potatoes in the chowder.

Nicole Walker
as Erica Kane. Because, damn it, that woman should still be on television!

Chad DiMera
as Luke Skywalker. He will not be following in his father’s footsteps, you hear us, Darth, er, DiMera!

Brady Black
as Mike Seaver, Growing Pains. No matter how good their support systems are, they both still have a ‘tude and get into trouble. They also have devilish, yet charming smiles that keep you from slapping them!

Abe Carver and E.J. DiMera
as Batman and the Joker. One of them will take over the city, we’re just not sure which one!

Harold, Mary, and Henderson
as Caesar, Mark Antony, and Cleopatra. This crew deserves to be treated like royalty for a day…and there weren’t any Randy, Stephen, and/or J-Lo costumes left.

Maxine –
J-Lo. Sorry, Mary. I know it ain’t funny that Maxine got the last J-Lo costume, but Salem’s super nurse is real, she's from the block, and she knows how to get loud.

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