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Who's watching the kids?

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Yesterday, when I was blogging about the fire on General Hospital, it occurred to me that while Carly was risking her life and Jax was risking his life and Sonny was risking his life, who was watching Morgan? Then on One Life to Live, when Blair woke up on Todd's bed, who was taking care of Sam and Jack?

I ask these questions not because I'm a child advocate, but because this is the flip side of all those child custody cases. Soap characters are always so crazed to get custody of babies, they are moved to do anything to get their child. On The Young & the Restless, Karen and Neil are turning the world upside down to get Ana. Craig and Dusty went at it hammer and tongs on As the World Turns for Johnny. Is there any kid who is NOT wanted on a soap?

But what happens when he or she gets custody? Brooke cried her eyes out and went to court to prove her worthiness as a mom on The Bold and the Beautiful, but Hope and RJ haven't been around much since her marriage to Ridge. Is Megan a full-time nanny, full-time being a 24-hour position?

Look, I get it. Custody cases make good conflict and conflict equals drama. I also get that kids are basically props until they're old enough to cause trouble which leads to conflict and that's drama. I get all that. But just once wouldn't you like to see a real family situation depicted realistically.

On B&B, Brooke should be worrying less about Ridge's unhealthy obsession with Steffy to concentrate on Hope's recital or RJ's Little League team. At least on ATWT Craig is struggling to figure out what to do with Johnny now that he's won custody. Carly's been a lifesaver if only because she knows that kids like chicken fingers and fries.

Now that the fire is over on GH, I think the next time we see Morgan he may be 12, which would mean that the next time we see Michael he may be 20 -- and coming out of the persistent vegetative state. I give it about six months. Ah, kids, they grow up so fast.

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  1. zalujoma's Avatar
    It's funny! In the soaps the kids are NEVER an issue! I'm glad someone else thinks of the kids!
  2. KeriChandler26's Avatar
    Very thoughtful post. It's just how the soaps go it seems. The parents will fight tooth and nail for the kid and months later that said child will be unheard from. The custody battles are there to push a story. As soon as the story is done, the continuity flies out of the window.