Sex, Lucky and Elizabeth!

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Yeah then she had "his" kid moved into wyndamere and ran away to California for three months. Why are we talking about Niz, I'm confused. The sex was good real good. You know I understand the sexual dysuntion between Lucky and Liz while we're on the subject. Lucky is not bad in bed. He's not bad in bed with MAxie,he wasn't bad in bed with Sam,he's not bad in bed with Siobhan. Lucky and Liz just had diffiulty connecting on a sexual level because of the rape and Laura's rape. Liz loved Lucky but she never felt the way she felt in bed with Nikolas because she let go of herself. IT was the lowest,skankiest thing she could do and she found herself addicted to the thrill of cheating and the horror of what she was doing. Just like how Laura ended being married to the man that raped her. Liz does have a lot of shame associated with sex. Sex with Lucky was sweet and gentle and he wouldn't let himself get freaky with Liz like he could get freaky with Siobhan and SAm and MAxie, because he didn't want to touch Liz like that. Lucky suffers from sex shame stemming from finding out his hero father raped his mother right as his sexuality was blossoming,Liz suffers from thinking sex is dirty. That's why she keeps everything associted with sex a secret. Even the paternities of her children. She could never tell Lucky what she wanted sexually, and he could never be adventurous with her in the bedroom becuase of shame. It makes perfect sense to me. Her first time, and his first time was after the brainwashing. That's why there's always a disconnect.
Wow, what an interesting and insightful post regarding Liz and Lucky's sexual relationship.

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