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From TWOP:
"When added to that the Krystal and Marissa scene it was kind of one of those amazing day.

See, I'm a lesbian and my mom didn't really handle the news well when I came out to her in my late 20's after much self-acceptance gaining on my part. Let's say she handled things more like Erica did with Bianca then Krystal did with Marissa.

When Mom called tonight to catch up with me about my life she brought up AMC and the Erica stuff. I sort of expected her not to bring up 'her story' with me because of the Krystal stuff today. But she did and then she went there.... she actually said... "I am really sorry my reaction when you told me about yourself wasn't more like Krystal's. I really want you to just be happy."

I get teary even retelling this in here.

People wonder the impact of daytime. Beyond the entertainment factor there is also the generational one - and anyone who doubts that people will go to the web to enjoy their shows has not seen where the viewers now hang out to talk about their shows (places like here) "

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