DAYS Two Scoops 2011 EMMY Review

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Two Scoops Emmy Worst - Part 1!

Laurisa and I resumed our tradition and watched this year’s Emmys together. That can be read as “We survived this year’s telecast together.” They were a bit, shall we say, rough. Now, sure, there were a few pleasant surprises, and for those kinder, gentler Emmy moments, CLICK HERE to venture over to Laurisa’s blog.

With that said, if you’re squeamish, please be warned Laurisa and I are going right for the juggler. The best thing we can say about this year’s awards is that they ended promptly on time. Other than that, why apologize for thinking this year’s awards were a crapfest when the Emmys haven’t apologized to us yet? In fact, we would rather be stuck in an elevator listening to the woodwind version of Mariah Carey’s greatest hits while being subjected to Chinese water torture than watch a replay of the awards, and we’re kind of not joking.

So, without any further ado, let’s tear apart this bad boy one event at a time!

Worst Dressed Male

DAYS: Eric Martsolf. At least he’s the hottest Joker who ever lived. Apologies to Jack Nicholson.

Non-DAYS: We’ve picked him before and we’re picking him again – and grandmas everywhere who thinks he’s a silver-haired fox will probably kill us – but Alex Trebek need some pointers on picking out a tux. Wethinks there’s a waiter somewhere out there who’s missing a jacket and a high school senior who’s missing his prom tie. Give back the tie, Trebek, those youngster who rent them will be charged if they’re not returned.

Worst Dressed Female

Molly Burnett. While we couldn’t adore the talented Molly Burnett more if we tried, we have to caution: when going for quirky and unique, it’s always best to think more Lauren Koslow and less Rainbow Bright.

Non-DAYS: Rachel Ray. Remember in the 80’s when the hot trends in swimsuits was to have the really high cut on the thigh? Yeah, there’s a reason that trend didn’t stick.

Worst Dressed Duo

DAYS: Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso, hmm! “A Christmas Carol” has been made into so many good movies. You know the scene where the ethereal Ghost of Christmas Past whisks Scrooge away in his nightgown? We love that part.

Non-DAYS: Ron Moss and Devin Devasquez…really? Kids’ Dress Up Rule #1: Proper attire should consists of as many of my mom’s scarves as possible. If they were not available, a combination of pillow cases and/or bed sheets would also suffice.

Want to read more? Of course you do! Click here for Part 2 of the top picks; or click here to find out who were saints instead of sinners as we pick the best the Emmys had to offer this year!

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