AMC canceled, let it die!!

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I know many here will hate me for what I'm about to say, but ABC did the show a favor by canceling it, because it was time to end things. Now I don't take writing this lightly. AMC has been a stalwart show for over 40 years, and many a soap fan has grown up and listened for all those 40 years, and I can sympathize with that, but AMC has shown, especially in the last few years, that it was a show in decline.

In the past three years, the show was had many writers, characters have come and gone, the writing itself has been bad, the ratings have declined rather steadily, and there has been no continuity to the show whatsoever. Many people have complained about the writing, the direction of the show, the ruination of once great characters, and many other aspects. not a day went by that I didn't see someone vent their anger at the show for one reason or another.

Now that ABC has announced it has indeed canceled the show, many have displayed outrage, and also displays of displaced anger at people like Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Ray, and others. These people had nothing to do with the cancellation of AMC. ultimately, it was the head honchos at ABC daytime who made the final decision. If you want to vent your spleen, those are the people to go after.

People are also going around trying in desperation to find some way to save the show. Very few, if any of these, are practical. Oprah isn't going to do it, NBC isn't. In fact, I seriously doubt anyone will. AMC has been a ratings and money loser for some time now, so why would anyone take on extra debt and falling ratings??

No, the best thing for everyone involved in my opinion, is enjoy AMC while it's still on, and then let it die. To continue this masquerade of trying to save it, makes no sense. AMC ran for 40+ years. It had its day in the sun. All things eventually come to an end, and so it should for AMC. Time top let it ride off into the sunset, and hold on to the good memories of a once great soap opera!!

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  1. McB_20's Avatar
    I agree to an extent -- AMC has been creatively dead for years now, and despite the great cast doing everything they could to salvage it, the show just hasn't been enjoyable to watch in a long time. I watched this show full-time for years and years until about 2005, when after years of eroding interest I finally just decided to give up on it when they wrote out the hugely popular Edmund and Maria characters.

    Still, it saddens me to see the end of AMC. There are still many characters I love on the show (though poorly written newbies outnumber them now) and I know a lot of people who would rather sit through the crap TPTB churn out day after day than see no AMC at all.

    It does seem like a good time to end the show, though. There's still a good portion of legacy characters left for the show to go out with, and the number of them would only be on the decline if the show kept going. I don't think any of us ever expected a point where Erica would get too old to keep being the skank she's always been and not look absurd doing it, but it's safe to say she's within a hair of that time now. I'll miss AMC, but I am in a way relieved that this show will not be destroyed any further.

    The cancellation of One Life to Live, however, a show that has been flourishing creatively and has been met with acclaim from the media, awards groups and fans alike, is indeed a tragedy, but I suppose that's for another discussion. Thanks for the interesting read!
  2. Biancafan24's Avatar
    Thanks McB_20 I appreciate the response.
  3. Sprite's Avatar
    I disagree. I'm still enjoying AMC and I do NOT want it cancelled. It's my favorite soap. Plus, it's wrong to want all those actors and others out of a job. They are human, and will be out of a job. We're also fighting, so the AMC actors/crew can keep their jobs.