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Okay I hate the who hit Jake storyline. That being said it has drastically improved the show.

1. The writing this week has been phenomenal
2. We are back to an ensemble cast. No one is dominating the scenes. It is not all Dante or Brenda.
3. I see an end to the Balkan and Lisa SLs. I can just feel it.
4. The drama is back. Was it only a month ago that everyone cared about a wedding and who ripped Carly's dress. That Lulu would find out the biiiiig secret. Where we spent entire days in the PH, or Sonny's nookie house. You know what will be called the dark ages,
5. The silly woman are gone (mostly). Robin, Siobhan, Brooklyn, Liz, Lisa spent their days pining and scheming to get other woman for men that did not matter. Did you really feel good watching Brooklyn chasing a man who just had a baby and being mean to his baby mama. Liz not noticing that Nic was just not into her or Lucky.
6. Johnny is back.
7. The hospital is the scene of medical emergencies, not tom foolery.
8. Families, Families Families. The show is finally acknowledging that Carly is a Spencer. That Samson, Scrubs are a unit, that Nic, Lucky and Liz share children. Steve is practically living with Liz.

The show has its heart back.

What I am saying is in the past there was alot of build up and than nothing.

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  1. amira's Avatar
    I like that gh is about family and not about the like the gh i watch with my mother went i was a kid.