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Tatianna and the girls.

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Watching the NAACP Award broadcast, something crossed my mind.

Julia Mitchell Pace (Sophia), Tony Lee Williams (Olivia) and Tatiana Ali (Roxanne) were all in the same room at the NAACP awards. I'm sure they probably introduced themselves to each other. However, I wondered, have any of these women been in the same scene together ever? Maybe Tonya and Tatiana have. I wasn't watching for sometime and missed a lot of Tatianna's time on the show, unfortunately for me. But I'm pretty sure that Juila has never been in a scene with Tonya or Tatyanna.

So now, along with Christel Khalil (Lily) and the addition of Angell Conwell (Leslie), Y&R have five black women either on contract or recurring status with the show, four of which are within the same family. Why is it so hard for them to write for these women? The way it is written, I feel the attitude of TPTB is that these woman are interchangeable. I would love to see all five women interact with one another. I'd love to see storylines written that build more friendship as well as family connection.

As much as I loved the NAACP award show and congratulate Tatianna on her well-deserved award, it spotlighted a glarring issue that still remains with Y&R and their approach to writing for characters of color that affected and, quite frankly, sadden me greatly. I sincerely believe that TPTB would do well, especially with ratings, if they would focus some effort toward true diversity on the Y&R canvas. Not only with its black or african-america characters (whichever you prefer to utilize); but also with its Latino cast, limited as it is to just Yanni Gelman (Rafe), and it's Asian characters, which is currently non-existent.

It is not my intention to take any praise from Tatianna or minimize her accomplisthment in anyway, or from that of any of the other nominees. I just wanted to share this troubling thought.

Just my humble opinion.

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  1. DEELUVSTONY's Avatar
    I don't want to put down Tatatiana in any way but I don't understand how she could win over Debi Morgan who had a a much bigger more dramatic storyline or even Tonya or Julia who had more airtime. I cannot even remember any storylines for Roxanne last year. I'm also surprised Christel didn't even get a nomination since she had the biggest storylines of any of the Y&R actresses.

    ITA with you that Y&R should feature it's AA & minority characters much more prominently as should all of the other soaps!