Who is the most romantic couple in daytime history?

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This week on Soap Central Live, I'll be chatting with some real-life and reel-life couples for our special Valentine's Day episode. They'll share their personal romance tips, and look at how lucky or unlucky in love their soap alter egos have been.

Who do you think is the most romantic couple in daytime history? I'd like to hear your choices and explanations on why you picked who you picked. I'll be reading your responses and I might read some of them on-air.

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  1. vidi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sammiwannabe
    Bo & Hope Brady, Sami & Lucas, Marlena & John. Days for a long time knew how to keep couples loyal and in love. None of these other soaps has a clue.

    I am 100/100 with your comment.
  2. ATWTwatchr's Avatar
    Steve and Kayla on Days...I thought they were wildly romantic and I thought they were wonderful.

    I also loved Cruz and Eden on Santa Barbara, but there's no question that Steve and Kayla were my number 1 couple.
  3. ONLYOLTL's Avatar
    From long ago-Patch and Kayla. When I saw them reunited years later, these two still looked like the chemistry was there. Even without the patch. (right?lol)

    From more recent times-Markko and Langston. I loved the storyline of their first time. It is the kind of "first time" that is more about the romance than the act itself. I loved the talk bet Markko and Dorian too. Yes, they are minor characters, but how awesome, sweet and fairy tale it was!!!
  4. sunyourbuns1's Avatar
    cruz and eden were the most romantic couple of all time. They were so enjoyable to watch they laughed, cried, danced, and loved together.
  5. lmfan's Avatar
    In recent times, on Y&R Michael and Lauren. From Michael setting up a casino night and dancing a tango with Lauren before he proposed to rubbing her back and feeding her ice chips as she gave birth to their son, they have always been a romantic couple. You always see the love between them.

    Old times, Kim and Shane from Days and Robert and Holly from GH.
  6. Stemp's Avatar
    Bo and Hope/Days --Sharon/Nick or Sharon/Adam-Y&R
  7. pony2011's Avatar
    I love Sharly form GH they were so refreshing and new love Carly with Shawn hate Johnny and Carly with a passion
  8. zqtou's Avatar
    LUke and Laura.... they didn't have 30 million people at their wedding for nothing!!
  9. jasamscrubs522's Avatar
    1. Eden and Cruz Castillo
    2.Steve and Kayla Johnson
    3.Justin and Adrienne Kirikas
    4.Ryan and Gillian Lavery
    5.Sonny and Brenda9from 90s
  10. Katbert's Avatar
    For me, it's Zach and Kendall Slater. Watching them, I had to remind myself that they were actors and not a real-life couple. They were just pure magic and their chemistry sizzled on the screen!
  11. ilovesoaps2003's Avatar
    John and Marlena (DAYS): they are the definition of romance (and sexual tension) and just knows how to put on the romance!
    Ethan and Theresa (PASS): I don't care what anyone says, they ARE one of Passions greatest supercouples
    Luke and Laura (GH): Luke was such a hopeless romantic in his heyday and he and Laura shared amazing chemistry together as well as romance!
    Cane and Lily (Y&R): I'm not even an avid Y&R fan but I loved them so much
    Zach and Kendal (AMC): They were awesome
    Nash and Jessica (OLTL): Their love was so powerful to watch.
  12. CindyWV's Avatar
    This one is easy for me. Without a doubt, Cruz and Eden from Santa Barbara. To me, no couple even comes close to the chemistry and connection these two shared. Their scenes didn't even need words. They could sayit all with simply a look or a touch. I miss that show so much!
  13. stanley's Avatar
    Bope, their love transcends over time, I wish I watched them earlier.
  14. Dew Drop's Avatar
    From GH, back in the 90's, Jenny Eckert and Paul Hornsby!
  15. Stemp's Avatar
    Luke and Laura, Bo and Hope, Sharon and Nick or Sharon and Adam Newman
  16. smiley8338's Avatar
    Jack and Carly from ATWT. My all-time favourite soap couple. They had off-the-charts chemistry even when they were badly written. Michael and Maura were just platinum gold. They had it all- humour, angst, passion, friendship and just plain cuteness Miss them sooo much.
  17. kensgal22's Avatar
    Caleb and Olivia Morley, PORT CHARLES. Played by Easton and Monaco of course. The best couple ever!
  18. soper's Avatar
    What is romantic depends on what you consider romantic..
    New relationship,that lasts until after the wedding,
    and someone walks the wrong way,
    or an old relationship that endures .

    ڿڰۣ இஇڿڰۣ ڿڰۣ

    Right now, there is a new , old relationship, that
    is enduring murder, mental illness, & betrayal.
    It is easy to be a romantic couple when
    they have everything going well, but, when
    there is so much trial , and they are touching
    your heart with their love & concern , that is
    the most romantic couple. For that reason, for the
    way they are standing by each other with love and support,
    I pick

    ڿڰۣ இஇڿڰۣ ڿڰۣ
    Sonny & Kate
    ڿڰۣ இஇڿڰۣ ڿڰۣ
  19. krystall30's Avatar
    Caleb and Livvie on Port Charles!! That was some serious, love, heat, passion! Wow! Wish I saw some of that on these soaps I've been watching these days. I dont' ask for much. Just some....excitement.I also thought Jack and Carly! waaaahoooo! we're pretty romantic back the in the day. Sony and Brenda before they messed it up later. Cruz and Eden? I second the notion. They we're so darn romantic. Soaps! Bring back romance!
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  20. jward1108's Avatar
    Josh and Reva Lewis from Guiding Light, with Vanessa and Billy Lewis in a close second!
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