Who is the most romantic couple in daytime history?

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This week on Soap Central Live, I'll be chatting with some real-life and reel-life couples for our special Valentine's Day episode. They'll share their personal romance tips, and look at how lucky or unlucky in love their soap alter egos have been.

Who do you think is the most romantic couple in daytime history? I'd like to hear your choices and explanations on why you picked who you picked. I'll be reading your responses and I might read some of them on-air.

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  1. ashley89xxx's Avatar
    My top choice for the most romantic couple in daytime would be Phillip Spaulding and Beth Raines from "Guiding Light". They are just so sweet and on top of that they have chemistry. Both have been through alot of stuff together and apart but I've always rooted for them and was ectastic when they reunited in the finale.
  2. LukeandNoahFan's Avatar
    For me, the most romantic couple in daytime would be Kyle Lewis and Oliver Fish from "One Life to Live". They are just adorable. They have both been through so much. I rooted for them since the very beginning, and I was so happy when they got together. And then, when they made love on New Year's Eve, it was so romantic. I was so sad when I heard that One Life to Live was Kyle and Oliver go. I hope that One Life to Live will bring them back sometime this year. I miss them so much.
  3. ollie000's Avatar
    Top Choice would be Steve (Patch) and Kayla.
    This was a romantic couple who never intentionally cheated on each other.
    Steve placed his woman on a pedestal and she would sacrifice anything for him.

    They completed each other and their passion was always evident.
    Unlike the soap couples today, they were not busy changing bed partners. But boy were they hot.
  4. blandina's Avatar
    Lucas Roberts and Sami Brady, they started off as best friends then from enemies to best friends again then lovers they went through a lot but i know in the end Lumi are fo sho the endgame. But my all time favourite couple will always be Bo Brady and Hope Williams Brady, their love is unique and strong no one can ever keep them apart hey Stefano has tried but he failed but Bo and Hope Fancy Face forever
  5. tedbear's Avatar
    I don't know if this counts, but my favorite will always be Megan and Jake from OLTL. They were so in love and brought out the best in each other. I'll never forget when she was dying he brought a Christmas tree to her hospital window. She stormed into town a mean witch but he changed her whole demeanor when they met, it was heartbreaking when she died.
    Updated 03-21-2011 at 01:27 PM by tedbear
  6. am78's Avatar
    Real life soap couple: Kassie and James Depavia

    Couples on Soaps:
    Kimberly and Shane (dool)
    Viki and Ryan (AW)
    Those are from years and years ago. I was just a kid then and watched episodes through the summer.

    Ryan and Gillian (AMC)
    Todd and Tea from sometime in 97 to 99? (oltl)
    Sonny and Carly (GH)
  7. vidi's Avatar
    The first is de (B.B.) : Ridge and Brooke, because when they are separated , they always come back together.

    The second of (DAYS) : Shawn and Belle, they are so nice couple!

    The third of (DAYS) : Lucas and Sami : they are ennemys , but their love is during and they have been good parents for their son Whil.
    Updated 05-15-2011 at 12:26 PM by vidi
  8. spie's Avatar
    My all time fave would be Jenny and Greg from AMC. I am totally a Y&R viewer but will always love J and G. Susie Pie
  9. ShadamLOVE's Avatar
    The most romantic couples are Sharon and Adam Newman, EJ and Sami, Katie and Bill Spencer
  10. Betty Hudson's Avatar
    My vote would have to go to Steve and Kayla from Days. To me, they were the ultimate romantic couple. Their's wasn't a rushed pairing by any means. Steve had built a lot of walls around him, and had a hard time trusting anyone. Kayla broke through those walls. And it was through her that he learned how to really love. And it was through him that she broke through her shell she had. Neither cheated on the other one. Steve did put her up on a pedastal, but in turn, he was her hero. They were the epitome of opposites attract. The ultimate good girl/bad boy. And I just melt every time I hear him call her Sweetness or the way they look at each other.
  11. Theresa_Fan's Avatar
    Sonny & Brenda (90's) They had the best romantic chemistry and love scenes.
  12. _SPL1019's Avatar
    Hands down, Shawn & Belle (DOOL)
  13. mmclayton's Avatar
    Without a doubt, Carly and Jack from ATWT
  14. mmclayton's Avatar
    On other shows...

    B&B-Brooke and Ridge
    GH- Sam and Jason
    DAYS- Patch and kayla
    OLTL- Bo and Nora
    Y&R- Michael and Lauren
  15. akm's Avatar
    For me, it's Jack and Jennifer (Matthew Ashford and Melissa Reeves only) from Days of our Lives. They had the most beautiful love story combined with Jack's redemption story. And they've got it all---romance, angst, humor, adventure. I can watch their scenes again and again.
  16. vjcurlytop's Avatar
    Without a doubt it has to be Cruz & Eden (SB). So sexy & romantic. One of the best weddings ever too!

    Next would be Brooke & Ridge (B&B)!
  17. COVERGIRL:o)'s Avatar
    My 1st choice goes to Lila & Edward. They were what marriage is about.
    My 2nd choice goes to CarJax. LOVED them to death......(GH)
  18. sunyourbuns1's Avatar
    Cruz and Eden (SB) were fabulous together they were one of the only couples that were just as much fun to watch when they were together as they were when they were split up. They had an enormous amount of passion and genuine love between the two of them that seemed so real. You could tell the actors really respected and cared for each other. I don't think there will ever be another couple that were so well matched.
  19. NixxLovesSoaps's Avatar
    *Nikolas and Emily(GH)*Marcie and Al(OLTL), they didn't have the history or time other couples got, but they were something special
  20. sammiwannabe's Avatar
    Bo & Hope Brady, Sami & Lucas, Marlena & John. Days for a long time knew how to keep couples loyal and in love. None of these other soaps has a clue.
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