Valentine's Day Episode 2/16/09

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I don't really understand the thinking of these stand-alone episodes they do every once in a while. I liked last year's "what would have been" Valentine's Day episode (minus the fact that Luke and Noah hugged while every other couple kissed ) but I wasn't crazy about the dollhouse coming alive episode for Christmas 2007. They seem very expensive to produce and while I love getting to see many characters that normally wouldn't interact together, it seems like a waste. Today's episode was the worst of the three, though.

I wish that more characters were involved with these fairy tales re-imagining. I really liked that Bob was the narrator and the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz tale. I did not like that Craig, Meg, Dusty, and Paul were in so many. I love Craig but thought it was a bit ridiculous that he was in everything. I think him being Cinderfella was the one that was too much for me. I did like him with Carly in the Pinocchio tale and also as Rumpelstiltskin. I also liked Paul in the Beauty and the Beast, but I was not a fan of the Wizard of Oz. Why does everyone fall in love with Meg? Oh how I wish she would have fallen into that sink hole Ethan fell in on the Snyder farm this summer but was never rescued, or that Brad threw her into the lake/dam/whatever instead of Leo. She needs to be shipped out of town yesterday. I wish that Kim was on, Bob only mentioned her, and why weren't Lisa, Vienna, Henry, Tom, Janet, Casey, Emily, Alison, Susan, Luke, Noah, Holden, Lily, or Brad there? Wouldn't Henry have been hilarious as "Cinderfella" instead of Craig and Vienna as the Princess? Carly did look beyond beautiful as the Princess in Cinderfella, though. Maura West is by far the most beautiful woman on the show!

I was happy that Barbara was featured and that she was also seen spending time with Johnny, I think that's important. I wish that Craig would let Dusty see him as well and that we could be done with all their drama. Colleen Zenk Pinter is a gem writers, use her, take advantage of her!! I'd also have to say the same thing about Eileen Fulton (Lisa), Don Hastings (Bob), Marie Masters (Susan), Kathryn Hays (Kim), and Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda)! When's the last time we saw Lisa or Susan? Is Lucinda in hiding after the Brian fiasco? And the last time we saw Kim was her bad BAD idea of the Katie and Brad real life baby story. I wish that Brian didn't end up being gay and that Lucinda married him but ended up having to fight for his love with Susan? I think Babs and Lisa should start working together at Fashions, or Lisa should just be shown around the Lakeview or Fashions. Lily should actually be seen with Lisa when she allegedly has meetings with her.

Overall, I think these stand-alone episodes are just wastes of time to viewers and wastes of resources. If the writers want to do something to celebrate the holiday do something like what is usually shown for Thanksgiving/Christmas and have all the couples who are together celebrating. Wouldn't it have been wicked funny for Carly to be alone at Metro and Craig coming in alone herself and them end up spending time together? Henry and Vienna and Brad and Katie could be so cute and even Parker and Liberty! Tom and Margo apparently went out of town for the night and it would have been nice to see Bob and Kim together as well. Oh well, wishful thinking I guess.

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  1. mintchocolate's Avatar
    hey,unchainedheart. I enjoyed the 2/16 Valentine's epi. I thought it was well done and a nice change from the usual. LOL at your comment about meg falling into the sink-hole Ethan fell in! I didn't mind her today though. Enjoyed reading your review!!