What the HELL is going on???

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Once upon a time there was this evil sorceror named, well no dared speak his name because they were all afraid of him lest the mention of his name creates instant blindness, stupidity and potholes. OK his name was David Haywardamort (wha, where did those itchy festering boils come from ... nevermind) So he could become all powerful and immortal he committed numerous evil deeds which split his soul into seven pieces, which he hid in seven objects. A Green Butterfly ring that was thought lost in a mysterious motorcycle mishap, The diary of Palmer Cortlandt (detailing the magical nanonano talisman) that was stolen by Scott the Dense who now resides in the Prison of Askmenot Tellyounothin, A magical locket with the picture of a witch who enchanted both Adam the Unstable, and Caleb the Unwashed. A magical Coffeecup with Bestest Popo Chief Evah enscribed on it, cherished by Natalia the Bestest Detective Evah, A magical Diadem which is actually a plastic tiara purchased at Walmart for $3, possessed by Princess Emmaline who studies at the Pine Valley Colouring Book Academy. The final known is a snake who is in reality a familiar owned by a witch know only as Queen Annabelle. Annabelle, a known snake charmer tamed many a snake with her golden.... enchanted.... er umm kitty cat named Mittens!

SPOILER: Unknown to all the last object resideth in the leopard print manthong of the CHOSEN ONE even though it is believed to contain something else. The chosen one, Hairy Pouter is known by another name, whose mention drives people insane, so we won't mention it.

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